Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Perfect Pansies

Tin garden sign

The Autumn organising and prettifying continues.....Over the last few days we have spent a fair amount of time outside clearing up the fallen leaves to turn into leaf mould, staking rampant flowers, planting up containers and hanging baskets, repairing the poor lawn and of course preparing for Spring colour.

The garden still has lots of colour, mainly from a yellow patch of Helianthus, pink Rambling Roses and the orange Nasturtiums climbing up into a Jasmine. It's pretty even though it's looking slightly overgrown. I don't like to clear too much up as there are still bees humming around enjoying the nectar and frogs leaping out of corners so it is good to be a bit untidy.
Autumn garden tidying
I planted Tulip bulbs called Peach Blossom into some pots with the intention of moving around the garden as desired come Spring. The Daffodils and the purple starry Alliums went mostly straight into the ground, a mixed lot so it will be a surprise. 

A few trays of cheery Violas and Pansies were bought from the local market to update the hanging baskets and pots and will hopefully last a few months with a little care. I do this each season as I like the front of the house looking tidy and welcoming. 

There's the allotment to shape up next but it is still ticking along at the moment so it can wait a couple of weeks at least as I have some Halloween preparation to do....


greenthumb said...

Sounds like you have been quite busy, I have just come in from cleaning up the garden.

Hannah said...

That all sounds lovely. Plus, any excuse to keep the garden a bit messy works for me ;o)

Valerie said...

You are very inspiring, lots of pretty's on here, I may actually get off my bottom and so something.

Anonymous said...

Your post has reminded me that i need to buy some bulbs for my sad looking pots. Liking your new header, has a very vintage feel to it. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. x

vintage girl said...

A lovely inspiring post, must remember to tidy my pots they are a disgrace! Lisa xx

millefeuilles said...

Sigh! This is so lovely. Planting bulbs for spring helps us get through the less fun cold and damp winter moments (although I love the idea of winter). It's funny though; a little like those who work in the fashion world having to think six months ahead all the time.

Your blog is very pretty indeed.


76 sunflowers said...

Love reading about your garden and looking at your lovely pics. I have the same 'Garden' sign but stupidly hung it outside and it has now faded. x x

Jen Walshaw said...

You have reminded me I need to plant some bulbs. I adore your blog, thank you for the comments at mine

♥ Priddy Priddy ♥ said...

Hello, pop back to Priddy Priddy've won the give-away for September!

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