Monday, 1 August 2016

#GeorgeousRoomChallenge A colourful sensory bedroom for my little boy

My son's bedroom is his little escape from sensory overload, his space to sleep, relax and play. When the team from George Home told me of the #GeorgeousRoomChallenge I was really looking forward to getting some inspiration for updating my son's bedroom. With a budget of £400, here is what I came up with.

Little Bird loves bright colours and the Asda Home Kids range certainly has so much to choose from a beautiful yellow bed frame that will be a highlight of the room to vibrant accessories like the parrot and green monster cushions and the cheeky looking monster wall clock. Dinosaur curtains in bold print match the colours in our accessories too.

LB can't tell me exactly what he wants but with his love of colour, animals and cheerful, fun items that he can name and help him with his words. A room filled with lots to see is a great environment and provides a great stimulus for learning. The dragon hot water bottle will be comforting for snuggles and the rabbit nightlight and apple illumi-mate are great for soft light when he needs to wind down.

Our chosen items create an eclectic space that mixes colour and pattern which against our usual painted white walls provides pretty accents and pops of colour. We love to read fairytales together so chose the dragon hot water bottle and princess money box to add an element of magic. The shark single sheet, parrot cushion, seahorse 'mermaid' rug and animal duvet set reflect my son's love of animals.

LB is home educated so the little blue desk would be a great addition to the room, storage for games in the garage storage box that doubles for playing cars with and a mixture of places to read stories - the sensory mermaid rug, the squishy dice beanbag and a cosy stripy blanket to cuddle in. 

Asda Kids Bedroom Challenge Asda George Kids RoomYellow metal bed frame £99  
Bedside table in oak effect and cream £39
Duvet set £10
Dragon hot water bottle £5
Green monster cushion £7
Parrot cushion £7
Red monster wall clock £9
Dice cube beanbag £20
Rabbit nightlight £5
Circus knitted shawl £14
Shark single sheet £6
Mermaid rug £14
Princess moneybox £6
Dinosaur curtains £16
Blue desk and chair  £75
Shopkins Apple Illumi-mate £6
Playbox storage £49

Total £387

This is my entry into the Asda Kids Bedroom Makeover Challenge and you can see the all the other entries at #GeorgeousRoomChallenge 


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