Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to be a wedding planner

I've been ringing the church bells for a few weddings this year and it's been a honour to be part of the bride and grooms big day. Seeing the bride arrive, the church filled with flowers, the posh wedding car and the photographer, it's clear to see just how much preparation has gone into the day.

NCC Online offer a diploma in Wedding Planning that guides you through the whole process from the history of marriage and the legalities to the speeches and wedding attire. The course is suitable if you are planning your own wedding, helping a friend or family member or wanting to become a wedding planner. 14 modules guide you through all aspects of a wedding and has been put together by the expert knowledge of the man who organised Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s wedding and  Robbie Williams' 30th birthday party, so there is some excellent input for the course.
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The course has assignments and tutor support, a certificate of achievement is received upon successful completion. I've yet to start the course properly but have been looking through the content material and am impressed by the amount that is covered. Each module can be saved as a PDF file so you can keep it for future reference or print off. This is useful as often when online courses are complete, you can lose access to all the notes.

With my recent study into churches I will look forward to learning all about the wedding ceremony in more detail and the vows and how have they changed over time. With the increase in civil ceremonies and the multitude of venues now available for licensed ceremonies, this opens up all sorts of opportunities for themed weddings - I know of a few Medieval weddings in 
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Good to see that under Entertainment, bell ringers are mentioned - you know you all need to have those church bells ringing!! :) The module on Marketing and Selling your Wedding Planning business looks super - helping you to develop your campaign and put together a portfolio. 

I'm really looking forward to working through the course and will report back in a couple of months on my final thoughts. 

The course details for the Wedding Planning Diploma can be found here. The course is 200  hours with full tutor support and costs £380.

*I have received access to the course for my review, words are my own honest opinion.


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