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Degustabox June: BBQ treats and summer snacks

Degustabox June 2016

BBQ Box time from Degustabox, a summer filled mix of snacks and drinks to accompany a get together. A great selection from fruity ices, lager and popcorn and we used nearly all the products so a winner from us.

Branston Spicy Tomato Relish £1.65
Super on burgers and hotdogs, livens up any BBQ food. We used it on all manner of food to jazz it up. 
Branston relish
Sacla Pesto £2.79
Single serve mini pots of basil pesto with Grand Pedano cheese, Pecorino Romano cheese and pine nuts. Really handy and I added to pasta to make a quick meal.
Pesto Pots Sacla

Smooze Mango and Coconut £2.50
These are delicious, freeze them at home, made from natural flavours with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Suitable for vegan and gluten free too. Gorgeous taste and one I would seek to buy again for a refreshing summer treat.
Coconut fruit ice

Belgian Butter Biscuits by Destrooper-Olivier £1.10
Moreish! Really moreish. Ah these are beautiful, eat by themseves or make a huge ice cream sundae and stick them in the top.
Belgian butter biscuits

Miracle Noodles £2.79
Holds hands up - haven't tried as none of us like the look of them! However, they are a low calories, soy free, gluten free, vegan, non gmo, Kosher Shirataki there we go!
Miracle Noodles

Bakedin miracle Mug Brownie £1.50
A mug brownie, never have much luck with mug cakes but this was ok, tempting and chocolatey, ideal to have in the cupboard as a sneaky treat.

Butterkist Yoghurt £1.49
Nearly all eaten by my son so we can clearly say they were a winner. Butterkist Popcorn covered in yoghurt makes a snack that you can't put down. 95 calories per serving but it is very hard to limit yourself to just that!
Butterkist Yoghurt coated
Zeo £2.75 (see main picture)
Cloudy lemonade for summer's drinking. Very, very sweet and the kick of a sherberty flying saucer sweet. Made with 98% spring water and blended with lemons, cane sugar, beet and a dash of Stevia. A bit too sweet tasting for me.  A 250ml serving has only 28 calories.
Heinz Amoy £1.99
Coconut milk is great and so versatile; we use it in curries, stews and making homemade soup. Sourced from plantations in Thailand it is made from fresh coconuts. A staple product for the cupboard.
Coconut Milk

Haywards Pickles £1.89 
I have always been a pickle lover, Silverskin onions for an evening with the cheese and crackers.
Silverskin Onions

Schwarz Burger Mix £1.49
An excellent product, we tried the American Smokehouse Homemade Burger Mix. It's a liquid mix that you add into your minced meat when making burgers. I'd add this to a chickpea mix for vegetarian burgers too. Such a simple product but it makes a big difference with the spices and seasoning already prepared to make the best BBQ burger ever.
Burger Mix by Schwartz
homemade burgers

King Star Crafted Lager £1.70
I'm advised that this was a refreshing crafted lager, me I just like the blue tin.
King Star lager
Degustabox offer a monthly food subscription box sampling new foodie products on the market for £12.99 a month, a fantastic way to sample new things and for the surprise element! The code BLDEG15 will fetch you £7 off your first box.


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