Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My fear of being away #FOBA

When you go off on your holidays to have a great time do you ever sit back and wonder what's happening back at home?

FOBA sets in, the fear of being away. What did I not check? What did I not do? That sinking feeling in your stomach. Do you know it?

My biggest FOBA is my plants, yes my seedlings and my plug plants that I bring into the kitchen to protect them when we go away in late spring. That is key nurturing time for all my plants and flowers, from growing seeds starting in February/March and tending to them every day, I am always worrying about them whilst I am away on holiday. Will all my hard work be undone! Will there be days that are too hot drying them out and them not being looked after. Will the family member in charge over water them or just forget about them?

A more serious FOBA whilst on holiday is usually worrying if I've left a candle burning when I've gone out for the day since I often light a scented candle to get rid of cooking or doggy smells in the house - get distracted, rush out of the house - oh my, did I blow the candle out!?!

Panasonic Smart Home is a home monitoring system that is easy to install, so securing your home and allowing you to monitor your home from a smart phone or tablet. You can use it to switch appliances on and off, check security, control the lights, all for no monthly subscription fee. Best of all if gives you a carefree holiday and you can keep your FOBA in check.....just like Dave is!


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