Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Loft room ideas

I've mentioned the loft room in my house before for it is both a source of delight and a pain. The room itself is fantastic and what sold the house to me, for it's like a secret den that's light and airy with far reaching views across my town - rooftops, gardens, churches and across to the river. In summertime especially, the room is a peaceful hideout and if it were tidy I’d spend a lot of time up there. Which leads me onto the main issue – storage! The room also needs to hold a lot of stuff, as all lofts do - toys, coats, suitcases, decorations…..
Loft room view

This year I am going to start the room more or less from scratch. It’s already painted white to increase the feeling of lightness but a new coat will make it all feel cleaner and provide a blank canvas. Under the eaves I would love some built in storage although having seen these built in beds I may have changed my mind. How wonderful would these be for cosying up in as a book nook. The children would love them for sleeping in of course but also for imaginative play. There is lots of super loft conversion inspiration out there that you can be spoilt for choice whether it’s for a bedroom, study or a play area for the children.
Loft room bespoke beds
Image source: Folio

The use of all white really opens up the space and I like to use Antique White emulsion paint, it a favourite of mine that I actually use all the way through the house for a seamless look. It’s not a stark white but a chalky matt finish that gives a beautiful finish. For pops of colour I like adding fun pieces of art work or bunting that can be changed around each season. I am on the search for a vintage map or star chart like this as with the room being a prime lookout for the stars it would be an ideal decoration for the room.

Star chart for the wall

Image source: Carlie & Me

For storage there is the space under the eaves or a full wall for some shelving to accommodate all the families extra belongings! The room won’t accommodate a wardrobe so it’s some bespoke cupboards required to fit the sloping walls and size of the eaves. For me it will be a worthwhile investment as the room will then look like a proper bedroom and less of a junk space. Firstly though a good clear-out has commenced with items being taken to the local charity shop or sold. There’s a huge amount of my son’s baby clothes and toys no longer played with that I must sort and sift through – a huge job but one I must do as they are taking up so much space.

I keep lots of my son’s toys up there and rotate them so some canvas storage cubes would be great for easily moving them up and down the loft stairs. The more colourful the better so they are attractive as well as functional.

Chldren's toy storage

Last of all, I would like to paint the wooden stairs up to the loft in a quirky way, perhaps using wallpaper samples to create a vintage floral feel. A simple transformation for a unique look.
Floral wooden staircase

Hopefully this year we will get the room to our liking and it will be back to the perfect room for stargazing and for guests to stay in as well as an easy store for children’s toys. Do you have a loft room? I’d love to hear how functional the room is for you.


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