Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mind your own the garden

rhubarb shoots springThe sun on my face gave me a little enthusiasm for the growing season ahead. Crimson stalks and lime shrivelled leaves of rhubarb forcing their way through also awoke my spirit to start again. Seeds bought aplenty, from broad beans to wild flowers for the edges of the allotment, garlic bulbs, onions and potatoes and practical items like pea netting and gloves (they always go missing).gardening goodies
Snowdrops looking so serene but silently telling me to get a move on with tidying and turning over the ground at the allotment. I get a rush of panic as I plan what needs to happen and when. You think you have bags of time and then all of a sudden it's growing season and a seed planting frenzy. snowdrops in February The garden at home need lots more work done to it to get it ready to venture into but I've made a start with the window boxes planted up with muscari, tête-à-tête narcissus and hyacinths.  photo IMG_2285_zpsfzgvksmk.jpg I've been on many a church trip lately and one project took me over to Southwell and on my way to a course I found these cute Mind Your Own Business plants potted up for Valentines Day with what reminds me of a vintage paper moonspring garden jobs During February I had some inspiration from the scarecrow festival at Tatton where as we spotted straw stuffed chums, I had a nosy at pretty glass houses and the kitchen gardens. Not much going on other than past their best sprouts on yellowing stalks and cloches littering the soil but no doubt come June this will be the most enviable garden. Right now we are even I say to myself. 
Tatton Park glasshouse in the walled garden walled vegetable garden winter topiary walled garden Tatton Park Scarecrow Festival garden wall garden gate

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