Friday, 19 October 2012

Loft Space

The loft room in our house pretty much sold it to me, it reminded me of a tree house, a secret space and I loved it. It would be my study. However you cannot predict the future and here I am years later with a partner, a child of our own and his two children of 8 & 12 years old. It's now a room that creates a bit of a problem but one that could be rectified. It has rather steep stairs to climb - space saving stairs I believe and I have painted them white as before they were a honey pine colour and rather dismal. But that is not the issue.
Loft Collage 1
The main pain with this room is that it has two purposes which are currently not very harmonious. It is a bedroom when the boys stay each week and during holidays BUT it is also our dumping ground, as you do with your loft. I mean where else can all the Christmas decorations go, the suitcases, the baby paraphernalia that you're hanging onto IF you are lucky enough to have another child......It also has a ton of books up here and the boy's games, items in transition waiting to be car booted etc. Just stuff! Family stuff or personal stuff that you might need at some point not things being hoarded as such. I regularly clear out anything we really don't need but the whole area is becoming disorganised and chaotic.
Loft Collage 3
I have tried to create some storage under the eaves by suspending a curtain across on wire but that was a temporary solution and it's looking all rather shabby now. It's a shame for the boys as it is their bedroom and their space for playing, relaxing, reading and feeling welcome, unfortunately, the space still feels very much like a typical loft/attic. I have always had it in mind that we would get properly built in cupboards that would house all the aforementioned articles that have importance within family life and would also make the room pleasant for the children. If we had cupboards and shelves that items could sit nicely on it would make organisation so much better and stop the constant spillage of items and discourage clutter! However, such bespoke items come at a price.
Loft Collage 2
The room has an amazing view across our town, you can see beyond the River and up across the nearby farms. It's lovely to see the season's change from here, see gardens buzzing with life in summer and in November you can see town's firework display. Peering out from the loft window is also great to see the stars and we have seen the International Space Station, meteor showers and satellites whizzing across the night sky many a time. Sadly, the window is a little high for the boys to currently safely reach and I worry about standing on things to reach up to look. 

Loft View from the window
My idea is to change the room by having white cupboards and shelves underneath the eaves so items have a place and make the room feel more peaceful, spacious and less cluttered for the boys. I'd very much like to have the eaves on one side of the room as a reading nook with comfy cushions and throws for quiet time and lounging around. The boys need an area to do homework and with one now in Secondary School he will of course be having exams and need a quiet area for revision so perhaps a small desk area built in. Perhaps a built in bed would be lovely too, a bit like a den. There is something about lofts that are magical, hidden away from the rest of the house and I'd like the design to reflect this and be an exciting place to be.

As the room is primarily for the boys I'd have a grey/blue tone to the room and an outer space feel with reference to the room being a great place to view the stars and moon from. I vision some sort of safe way to look out of the window rather than standing precariously on a stool! Perhaps a couple of steps with a rail either side. I have found some gorgeous star related, spacey accessories and would paint the stairs up the loft with numbers and stars.

Space in the Loft Moodboard
Credits{Storage: Eaves shelving, Eaves Shelving 2, Space Junk, If you need me I'll be in space,  Nook: Kids Reading Nook 1Reading Nook2, Bunk Bed Nook -unknown, Alcove Nook, Dream: Stars song, star cushions EtsyMidnight Blue Star Egg NightlightVintage Rocket Science Chart - Etsy, Star Bedroom - H&M, Rockets & Stars Garland, Climb: Painted stairs - unknown, Vintage Star Gazing Boy}

I love vintage so finding old posters would be great and team up with star cushions, handmade items, throws and trinkets. 

I have a Pinterest board of all my ideas around the room and inspiration for making this area a place that the boy's can feel is their own when they stay but also we can access those items that we need from time to time. 

54321 Blast Off!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you luck, Love the ideas board.

greenthumb said...

Sounds like you have to do something , would be great if you won.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Great ideas you have there. Good luck with the competition x

Ellen said...

I love the vision you have for the space! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Its going to be a great magical place,I can see it now...
Good luck with the competition :)

Claire Toplis said...

Wow your house is amazing ;-). I struggle with storage too.

Anonymous said...

Some great ideas! I have a top floor loft space, it's huge actually, it's been turned into a landing and two rooms. All my clutter from the past is up there and I am continuously battling to de-clutter! Storage is key though I think and this is what I'm lacking. A very inspirational post! Maybe I will finally get my act together to de-clutter my space once and for all!! Merry Christmas to you! :)

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