Monday, 28 March 2016

Chocolate and crisp treats with Degustabox

Degustabox February

Another box of Degustabox goodies to cheer up the cold days as spring approaches, a lovely mix of healthy foods and some luxurious treats.

First up, Divine chocolate in caramel milk and dark chocolate - 2 x £1.00
These were just delicious, creamy and great as they are Fairtrade and suitable for vegetarians like me. The packaging is really pretty too so I'd pop some of these in with a birthday present. 
Divine chocolate

Then it was come cakey deliciousness of Mr. Kipling Exceedingly Good Slices, 1 x £1.49. Fruity Cranberry & Orange: sprinkled with honey toasted British Oats. Not too bad calorie wise (132 kcal) either as an after dinner treat or with a cup of tea late morning. Gorgeous and fresh tasting, would buy these again.
Mr Kipling Slices

Hartley's 10 calorie jelly pots and new Hartley's Fruit in Jelly pots, 2 x 50p /2 x 70p. These are amazing for a calorie controlled diet where you still need a sweet fix. Can't believe how low in calories they are! 
Hartley's Jelly

Sarson's malt vinegar, 70p, an odd addition to the Degustabox but useful. Special edition bottle designed by Paul Thurby. The usual, will go onto the chips.
After those chips, wash them down with a bottle of J2O Spritz. 2 x £1.49 Low calorie again, yay! 63 calories per 275ml bottle. Refreshing and bubbly, hope to see this in the pub. There are three flavours: Apple and Watermelon, Pear and Raspberry, Peach and Apricot.
J2O Spritz

Some savouries now and first up are the very moreish London Crisp Company hand-cooked crisps, 1 x £2.29 Perfect for the Friday night movie! We tried the Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar which were really tangy. Each of their flavours is inspired by an area of London. Forget the calorie count on these, a definite treat!
London Crisps

Ritz Crisp & Thin are another potato snack, like little oven bakes strips and another for the Friday night munchies. We tried the Sea Salt and Black Pepper flavour and they were very peppery indeed so good with some dips. 1 x £2.19
Ritz snacks
For a healthy breakfast try Gold and Grains Nutribix, so yummy and my son ate these dry as a snack. Made with coconut, honey and Sorghum grain for a wholesome start to the day. £3.79. I'll be looking out for these again in the shops as a change for breakfast. 
Nutribix breakfast

Cereal bars are always great for our days out so I was pleased to find these Beloved Dates cereal bars in our box. 2 x 59p so a good price for a snack. I sound them quite sweet and calories wise they were probably on the high side but they are 100% natural 
Date Bars

Vit Hit is a low calorie juice based soft drink, no added sugar and just 35 calories per bottle. Really liked this and tried the Berry flavour with Ginseng and Rooibos Tea. A healthy vitamin hit £1.80 a bottle, 
The DB's Discoveries offering were Nothing But Apple & Fig Snacks and the Sliced Beetroot & Parsnip, 2 x £1.19. I think we may have had these before and are not too keen on them despite how healthy they are and low in calories. The fruit and veggies are freeze dried, locking in nutrients but tasting a lot like space food. Tim Peake might like them? Maybe you will and they'll count as one of your 5 a day. 
A reasonable overall offering from Degustabox where we liked mostly everything, especially the sweeter items and I'll be looking out for the Nutribix again. 

If you would like to try, BLDEG15 will fetch you a grand £6 discount on your Degustabox. 

*I was sent a Degustabox for the purpose of the review, opinions are my own honest experience.


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