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Things to do in October

I love October and have so much planned and hopefully share with you. Here are some of the things I have planned for the most glorious month of the year and also some ideas for you. 

Corn dollies at the church in Macclesfield as we haven't been for a couple of years but it was fantastic - hundreds of con dollies all over the interior of a beautiful old black and white church. 

The church also has a wonderful harvest festival display just like those I remember at primary school with the assembly room trestle table full of pumpkins and cauliflowers whilst we all sang hymns and brought in tins of peaches for elderly neighbours.

I can remember taking a box of goodies to a neighbour in her 70's, Connie, sadly no longer here but a part of my childhood for her house backed onto ours and she regularly spoke to my parents and myself. Sweet nostalgia.

Pick your own - another great autumn activity and we will be heading over to the local farm to gather some pumpkins from the field. We used to go to a farm that gave you a little tractor ride too and then at the end have a browse around the farm shop buying gourds, sweeties and Halloween trinkets. Then it will be off home to bake pumpkin pie, cannot wait and in fact may do this next week. I must make an apple pie first as DB was give a huge shopping bag of globe size cooking apples! I love it when people share their apples, I frequently see them offered on Freecycle and at the side of the country roads  -fill your bag! You can find a list of farms in your area offering hay rides and pumpkin patches at Pumpkin Patches and More 

Lots of nature trails and scavenger hunts are on the cards, building up our nature mantle with conkers, acorns and prickly cases. We have been going to Delamere Forest and collecting all these treasures. Look out for fungal forays too. I went on one a few years ago and it was extremely interesting learning about the different types of fungi: what is poisonous, what is safe to eat, the folklore around them and where to look for them. The rangers at 

Delamere forest will be having a Halloween Trail and pumpkin carving sessions but we will be doing ours at home. I need to think of something more imaginative this year and enter some pumpkin competitions. Last year my special pumpkin was painted white and had glitter stars and spots and became a man in the moon. This year, I need some ideas....

Halloween parties - of course, goes without saying but this year we have one with autism friends so I'm really looking forward to that for Little Bird

Plenty of firework parties before November arrives with many place incorporating Halloween and bonfire night together. We will be off to one and LB will try his ear defenders out if he needs too. The one I plan on us going to has a fancy dress competition and live bands. 

Halloween fairs  and spooky farms - would love to go to one of these frightening farm events but LB not quite ready as yet. 

Conker Contests - one in our local town square and one in our local pub where they have an annual championship. 

Farmers Markets. Perfect time of year for harvest produce. We have a monthly Artisan Market in my town that I enjoy - fresh cakes, cheeses, pies, crafts and maybe some glass Christmas decorations will be bought....

National Trust apple days and spooky garden events that we will be using our passes to go to. I've seen a quince day that we will probably venture out to at Norton Priory. That reminds me, I really want a quince tree and also need to make my autumn window boxes and hanging baskets. 

Spotting the International Space Station- now the evenings are getting darker earlier there will be more chances to see the ISS. You can check passings during October here.

Halloween theatre, In St Lukes bombed out church in Liverpool there is a production of Frankenstein. Oooh this would be a great one - how atmospheric and scary and a great use of the remains of the church.

Scarecrow Trails. Well I love my straw men and women. Creepy but fantastic. Plenty of scarecrow trails out there this season. 

Ghost hunting, ghost walks.....Yes please. I like being scared and spooky stories. Living nearby to Chester there is plenty of opportunity for one of these on the city walls. I just need to find a willing companion. 

Halloween Ghost Train. Fun on the East Lancs Railway on a steam engine and have spirits aboard too. Too cool! 

Garden Scarecrow Shutterstock
Have you got anything exciting planned for this month? I'd love to know. 


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