Sunday, 12 October 2014

Morning victories

Mornings are great in our home. We get up when we want to get up. So if Little Bird has had a difficult night of being unable to sleep, we can just surface from the warmth of the covers when he is ready. The benefits of home educating - our biggest morning victory.

Mornings are taken at LB's pace - for he needs a little time to get himself together after such broken sleep. Time for the words to come. I'm not sure if this is an autism thing but he really does need some time in the morning to be able to put his words together. Time to power up.

But then he is off! And what a victory this is, being able to ask for what he wants, for he only started to talk last year.
'I want toast'
'I want iPad'.........

And so the day starts. I have my cup of coffee looking out of the window at everyone busying past in the drizzle or the cold whilst we are warm and chilled out inside our home. Even the dogs have a lazy morning. Of course I'm then making breakfast and getting the day's activities together but it's a lovely pace for my little boy to keep him calm and happy.

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