Friday, 3 October 2014

POP Goes Your Name - Personalised CD Review

Little Bird loves music. It was one of his first words and as you may know he has a severe speech delay so the fact that he said it so early on in his speech and language journey, shows to me its importance. He has to have music on as soon as he wakes up, as background music whilst learning during the day and at night to go to sleep.

I'm not sure if this all has anything to do with his autism but its extremely interesting just how much music is part of our daily lives and serves as a comfort to LB. It is also a fantastic way to engage him and get into his world. 

I was extremely interested to discover a new CD of personalised music - which I'll come onto as it is an amazing concept. It is called POP Goes Your Name and it is a CD consisting of 12 children's songs with your little one's name in each of the songs. Amazing hey!

POP Goes Your Name is the unique concept of a musical husband and wife, Lucy and Richard Patterson and began from the songs they sang to their son and put onto a CD for him. Family and friends also loved the songs and requested personalised versions too so the musical pair set about recording the CD for the 800 most popular names! You can check to see if your child's name is available here
I love personalised items, they make such lovely gifts and the professional presentation of this CD is so pretty in a turquoise box that it would make a sweet present for a little boy or girl. Ideal for a postal gift as it will not weigh a lot alongside a birthday card (or with Christmas approaching - eek!)

The CD features catchy songs that are from different genres from rock to melodies to country & western - a great mix of styles all containing your child's name. Lucy and Richard being music teachers have really put together a fantastic CD collaborating with other musicians. You can listen to samples of POP Goes Your Name on their website.

We loved Noisy FarmAlphabet Song and my favourite was Rock it Out. I did wonder how LB would react to his name as it is something he rarely says, such is autism but it has actually made him start to say his name more when I sing the songs to him and leave a gap for him to say the missing word. We have a very clear defined name and I wonder if it's because the CD has his name in it on every song. I find that LB learns a lot through music, the language seems to be understood better when sang, maybe it is the rhythm of the music that suits his learning style.
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We work music sessions into our home education timetable and will use the CD regularly as part of that. We played it the other day and used percussion instruments  as it played. I help LB play in time with a drum or a triangle hand over hand and he really enjoyed that. 

He also loves his pre-bedtime boogie. As soon as he gets out of the bath, the music is on and he has a little jiggle to his tunes :) Then some days just a little strum of his guitar...... The CD has been part of our daily routine this week and has helped us connect despite him feeling a bit under the weather. Music is truly wonderful for my autism superstar. 

The CD was enjoyed by myself and Little Bird and we will carry on playing it as part of our activities. 

Disclosure: We were sent a CD for the purpose of the review and all words are my own honest opinion. 


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