Monday, 30 June 2014

My kitchen with a big heart

My kitchen although small, certainly crams a lot of activity into it. The cooking of course and the baking, when I have the time. Pleasant afternoons spent with the smell of vanilla wafting around the room and sprinkles to decorate with. Some painting courtesy of my 4 year old and making gloop with cornflower on a rainy weekday. All our messy play happens in here with my boy perched on a stool or stood on a box to get to the work surface. 

This is also where I am pestered for food all day long from preparing snacks of cheese and crackers to sausages and chips - child fodder! I seem to spend most of the day in the kitchen which is not so bad as it's quite a pretty place. 
One of my favourite pastimes is staring out of the kitchen window, at the rain more often than not and planning what to do with the garden should the sun shine. My place to stand with a cup of coffee in the morning, full of good intentions. I use the window sill to grow a few herbs and sometimes some frost tender plants, an overspill from the greenhouse. At other times I snip a few roses or other flowers from the back garden and stick them in a jam jar or a jug to brighten up a dull day. 
This time of year is busy in the kitchen with plentiful produce from the allotment. Handfuls of broad beans and peas to be podded and red currants and summer raspberries to be cleaned and whizzed up into fruit smoothies or used in puddings. Soon the potatoes will be ready and the courgettes. The kitchen becomes a production line of cleaning, cooking, pickling, making jam and trying out new recipes. 
I'm gradually running out of space in my little kitchen. The washing machine is in here taking up a fair bit of space that would be better as a cupboards for my growing number of kitchen items from coffee machines and bread makers to the Pyrex collection. The kitchen really needs a good de-clutter if I'm honest. We keep hold of fancy wine glasses and champagne flutes when we do not drink either very often. If I had more space we would also love a slimline dishwasher since the mountain of pots everyday is a constant source of moaning. If we did have a dishwasher I would try Fairy Platinum to make my dishes all sparkly. 

So here is a snapshot of the whole kitchen, shoes and wellies by the door, dog dishes on the floor, my son's PECS communication book on the storage box that doubles as his seat and something to stand on to reach the worktops. Lots of stuff! A fridge full of magnets and reminder notes. My lovely heart of the home. 
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celebratingmums said...

I like your kitchen and how you have injected colour into it. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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