Sunday, 23 March 2014

We Like to Read: What's Your Favourite Animal?

What's Your Favourite Animal? A new book in the library, What's Your Favourite Animal? by Eric Carle and Friends.
Spotted in the wooden book boxes in the children's section. I was on my own today but had a little look to see if anything would interest Little Bird. I knew he'd like this one.
A collection of popular illustrator's favourite animals from Lucy Cousins to Jon Klassen. Others that I didn't know the name of but I recognised their style.  
Lots of little poems and ramblings.
Some funny, some sentimental.
snake illustration
I think Little Birds's favourite animal might be a sheep or maybe a elephant. 
Trumpety trump!
cheetahMine is definitely a dog. A large scruffy dog. Although Eric Carle's cat looks very cute. His cat hid a green bean in a shoe. Awww! cat, green bean and a shoe
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