Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring breezes through the house

daffodilsCome into my house spring.
You are very welcome to shine some sunlight into cobwebbed corners and chase out the dust bunnies lurking under the sofa.
I'm enticing spring into the house with trumpeting daffodils in every room.
Such an inexpensive flower.
Dotted around the garden too and in containers.
Yellow everywhere.
spring window A new calendar for Little Bird.
To learn the seasons and the weather.
We try and remember to change this every day.
I love these bright pops around the house. 
kids wooden calendar
I have been baking a lot again.
Perhaps spurred on by Easter cakes and chocolate chicks.
Chocolate speckles and vanilla. 
My simple sponge where I weigh 3 eggs and match the sugar, self-raising flour and butter.
Works well every time.
speckled cake Time to dust all the decorative bits and bobs.
Change things around and start some Spring decorating.
Polka dots and flowers.
I feel a charity shop trip a coming for some vintage crockery.
Kellogg's Jug Boots at the ready to quickly get into the garden.
Everyday a new bloom, new shoots and surprises.
A breezy week so far, nicely drying all the washing.
That's what I like, saving money - no tumble drier days.
Wellington boots More yellow. Mustard yellow is allowed too.
A new book for a new interest of mine, learning about church architecture.
So many beautiful churches.
Curious nooks and crannies.
I love a bit of history I do and identifying things appeals to my inner geek.
It's by Matthew Rice who is Emma Bridgewater's hubby and does a lot of the designs for the mugs and other lovely things.
yellow lantern Rices Church book The bunnies are starting to appear.
The owl doesn't look pleased about this.
Easter excitement already in this house.
I'm on the look out for decorative eggs to hang from the blossom trees in my garden.
Must order a vintage egg mould too so I can make my own choccy eggs this year. 
I like a challenge, can't be too difficult can it? 
Are you getting giddy over Spring too?
spring daffodills


Emily Shepperson said...

Love the sight of daffodils as that burst of yellow tells me warmer days are on their way.

Twinsplustwo said...

I LOVE Spring -I seem to "come alive" after the winter lol, I'm definitely a "Mad March Hare"!!

Rachel Cooper said...

Love spring. Daffy's are my favourite flowers. Really love the wooden calendar as well! They'd all sold out by the time I went to get one :(

Louisa said...

Such a lovely post, that really captures the joy of Spring after a long miserable Winter.

Suzanne Whitton said...

I do love spring, especially the daffodils but the early sunshine doesn't have show all the dust off!

Michelle Ordever said...

We've had such a miserable winter (and looking out the window here, it's raining again -__-) but what a lovely post to brighten up the day!

I recently posted: Four Corners of the World: Animal Kingdom

The 40 Year Old DG said...

I love Spring too, there is nothing like a bit of colour to cheer everyone up x

You Baby Me Mummy said...

I love that calendar and am going to try that recipe x

Kirsty Hijacked By Twins said...

I love seeing the daffodils everywhere, they certainly are a sign that spring is here. Your cake looks yummy too :-) x

fritha strickland said...

ooh I love that clock! x

AnnieMammasaurus said...

I love the look of that book - oh Spring is the best time, brings out the nicest, happiest colours doesn't it? x

Bek B said...

Daffodils are an amazing flower, I love them. It's a great idea to have them all around the house.

mygorgboys said...

Very Springlike and we are so ready for it! Love your photos and words xx

Jenny said...

I love Spring and I too have a colourful pot of daffs bringing cheer to our house :)

Sarah Bailey said...

I love the fact that spring is here, your home looks lovely - I adore your little piggy window ornament :) x

Kara said...

You have a beautiful home. I adore the calendar, where is it from?

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