Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Going back to university

This September sees my study recommencing and I'll be on a post graduate diploma in Parish Church Studies with the University of York. I'm so excited about this new chapter in my life and the potential future career working in the heritage field, specialising in the conservation of churches.

university stationary
I've purchased my course books and now I am trying to get organised so I have a study space at home - not easy as it will be just the dining room table which is actually in the family room so all sorts of chaos. With that in mind I am having to be very on top of where all my paperwork, notes and books are. Nice new stationary always cheers me up and then I have no excuse for not having a tidy workspace, also a bit of motivation to start the essay does not go amiss.

Here are my top 5 stationary items for my new academic year:

1. Academic diary - to keep track of all my lectures, assignment due dates and workshops. I'm also doing lots of voluntary work so will use my diary to keep track of that too.

2. Document wallets - I collect a lot of church literature as I'm on my travels so I  have them organised by area of the country. 

3. Padded envelopes - for selling course books when finished with them and other items for ebay to help me fund the course. I'll be paying in instalments so I'll be clearing out any clutter to sell it on a monthly basis. 

4.Sticky index tabs for noting pages in my course text books. They really help when writing essays so I can keep track of the important chapters and information to help me.

5. A new fountain pen - stemming back from school days I have to have a new fountain pen as I love writing with one and how it glides across the paper making writing those reams of notes a lot more pleasurable.

I'm going to try and update the blog as to where my studies are up to each month and I'll be doing a vlog for the University too, so I will link in with that. It's going to be a challenging time what with trying to juggle home-life and homeschool for my soon too but I'm determined to make this happen.

Would love to hear of any tips for going back to study when you have children to look after too.....

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