Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tatton Glasshouses

primroses-for-saleStill chilly and damp so we lingered around the glass houses on a recent trip to our nearest National Trust property, Tatton Park. The gardens are of course a little bare but things are certainly growing indoors with gusto..................

 We headed past the orchard -  can't wait to see all these apple and pear trees in blossom in spring. Are you getting excited for the next season too? I just keep looking at the calendar. At least February is on its way very, very soon. The Queen pretty gateway/></a>
<a href=glasshouse Tatton glasshouse-pineapples  There are several glass houses around Tatton. This is the restored Pinery/Vinery. The pineapple was once a valuable commodity, an expression of wealth and were worth around £5000 each. The restored Pinery grows the pineapples in the fashion that they were here in the late 1700's - on hotbeds of fermenting oak leaves. The Pinery had fell into disrepair as the fruit become cheap to import. The gardeners here hope to produce around 300 pineapples a year.
greenhouse-growing  The Pot Plant House filled with such lush growth. This would be my perfect glass house if I were rich. Reminds me of those posh ones at the RHS show that we visited last year.
pink-geranium On into the Conservatory, which has also been restored and it is absolutely stunning. Plants and tree ferns from New Zealand and some unusual air plants.  steamed-windowsglasshouse-flowers tropical-flower air plants The Vinery which leads to the Fernery. It's all so cute, one glasshouse leads to another and there is a huge Show House with a waterfall that deserves a separate post.vines It was lovely in the conservatory, warm air coming through the floor vents and a nice bench to sit on for a while and admire the colourful flowers, palms, figs, lilies and ferns. So lucky for this to be on our doorstep and it is all free aside from £5 parking when you are a National Trust member.

Next instalment will be the Tatton Scarecrow Festival - never seen so many in my life!

large-glass-house-Tatton_ The-Conservatory cala-lilly  little-peach-flower Camellia coleus variegated-leaves Tropical-neon

Tatton Park Garden Map
Image source: National Trust

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