Friday, 15 August 2014

RHS Tatton- Part 1

We decided to visit the RHS Tatton Flower Show having not been since 2011! How time flies.The day was an absolute scorcher and of course I took so many photographs so I will need to break them up over 2 or 3 posts. Little Bird came along and we had one of the best ever days with him - perfectly happy and smiley despite the heat and the crowds. We walked his little socks off and took shade for a while in the grand floral marquee looking at the wonderful displays. 
pink rose

floral pavillion
The flowers in here are immense and we were surrounded by the heady scent of roses and crowds of perennials that made the air so intoxicating. I wanted to buy so many flowers but we are having a clear out in the garden this autumn, so maybe next year. It was very tempting though especially when I saw all the gorgeous hydrangeas which I adore. Spires of Hollyhocks, buckets of bulbs for next year, pretty seed packets and prize blooms. Many of the displays by the plant nurseries had won RHS medals. 
pink frothy flower
peachy flower
Blackmore and Langdons begonias
floral displays RHS Tatton
wire baskets for the garden
Back outside and a look around some of the traders - so hard to not spend! They really do have some beautiful wares for the garden. I did buy some seeds as they were in such a pretty packet  that are on my Instagram feed. I also bought a sun catcher for Little Bird that is hung from the washing line casting glints of light across the decking area. We would love this cow in our garden, he'd be a lot of fun. Not for sale although the compost lady told me that many had been asking - lots of wealthy people at these shows!
large cow for the garden

posh expensive greenhouse

through the greenhouse window
Posh greenhouses that I covet. Fancy show gardens. It really was so hot though and a lot of the plants were suffering. It made me sad to see the trees they had planted around the site wilting - give me that hose! 
modern sophisticated show garden

Blue decking
There were some fun bedding plant displays that are normally my least favourite part of the show but these were pretty good. The BZZZ was made of something foamy that made a bzzz sound in the wind - very clever. Got so much more to show you, I was snapping away all day and even made a little video, something I am enjoying doing lately although Windows Movie Maker has had me more than a little cross at times.  So until the next installment I'll leave you with the video that was the bane of my life for a while ;)
Bedding plant displays RHS Tatton

Bedding plant displays RHS Tatton

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Manneskjur said...

It's all so lovely and that is exactly the greenhouse I want! I can dream...
What a visual treat - I bet you were in your element. That video is great - I bet that took some putting together - but so worth it!
Thanks ever so much for sharing :)

76 sunflowers said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the cow and bees! :)

Ness said...

It all looks absolutely glorious. I've never been to one of the RHS shows but I would really love to go to one. Great video. I've never attempted anything like that.

Redpeffer said...

I would love to go to an RHS show one of these days, they all look so wonderful.

Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault said...

I've never been to Tatton - looks like I have missed a treat!

Mama Syder said...

What a lovely day out. I love Hydrangeas & Hollyhocks too. Gorgeous photos xxx

bettynz said...

What a great place to start your garden! I love all the pretty colors that you shared.

Annie@SuffolkPebbles said...

I would love to visit Tatton Flower Show - maybe one year! I admire your restraint at not buying :)

Stephanie Robinson said...

Oh that looks fab, I haven't been to Tatton but I'm sorely tempted now. I'm going to try harder next year to remember to buy tickets for Chelsea before the hype starts and they're sky high (or sold out!)

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