Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Embarrassing fruit trees

onions in the shed So we carry on weeding, the never ending strands of couch grass. Strangely relaxing pulling the long white roots out of the soil. We cleared one section and I planted two rows of garlic - San Marco and Solent Wight, a little late but hopefully will be ready by mid summer.
cold allotment 2015 diary
I got my act together and did an evening of allotment planning this week and placed an order with Sarah Raven for lots of seeds - annual flowers, lots of pumpkins and artichokes.  allotment-shed allotment stuff winter plot The rhubarb is starting to appear - very exciting! Cannot wait for home-grown rhubarb crumble in late spring. rhubarb crown wire
I bought five fruit trees last week from Aldi, a bargain at £3.99 each - an apple, a pear, a plum and two cherry trees. Such a struggle buying them. First they were all clumped together randomly in a huge plastic crate and I could not see which was which and get them out. Eventually I released them but then was scraping the low ceiling with every tree I lifted out and nearly knocking the lights. Then trying to hold them all, kept losing my grip and my trees were falling all over the place. EVERYBODY was looking! apple tree  So you best grow, you absolute shame faced inducing fruit trees.

  • Gala apple
  • Conference pear
  • Opal Plum
  • Morello cherry
  • Kordia cherry

joy Little man having a great time, trampling my plants a bit but hey ho. Keeping off the other plots though as wouldn't want to upset the neighbours.church view Still all a bit muddy looking and grey but that's the reality on the plot in February. A flask of coffee keeps you going and some allotment inspiration on Pinterest. compost winter-time-allotment_ Follow Happy Homebird's board Happy Allotment on Pinterest.


Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

This looks like a fabulous morning out, it's a shame about Toby's finger though, I hope he's alright now! I bet it was a difficult task holding back from buying all the delicious items they had on offer. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

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