Thursday, 5 February 2015

Winter walks for half term

Every weekend we love to get out and about as a family on little day trips and walks in the countryside. We enjoy nature but the weather is still so cold! The sun may shine for a little while and you can be momentarily fooled that it is spring already but once it hides behind cloud.....the chill sets in.

I love having warm, comfortable clothes for our rambles around  local country parks or woodlands but if we are stopping off at a cafe or pub afterwards for a treat, I also want to look smart. I often choose knitwear that I can layer up and team with jeans and boots. Out of all styles, my favourite kind of cardigans for women are long chunky woolly ones that cover you up snug to your knees. I can literally cosy up in a cardi and Little Bird also likes to wrap them around him when things get too much so they are very practical too.
Spring woodland
Image credit - snowdrops, Shutterstock

So as long as we are all kitted out in woollens and wellies, here is my round up of late winter outdoor activities we are  planning on doing, especially with there being plenty of half term events to choose from:

Snowdrop hunting - We are very fond of this dainty little white flower and some people are most passionate about them. Huge snowdrop displays carpeted through woodland are wonderful to see and many estates such as Rode Hall and Gardens in Cheshire organise walks . This Saturday we will be off to investigate and have a look around the farmers market too and buy some treats.

Feeding the deer - Winter is a great time to go and see the deer in their thick winter coats and our nearest country park Tatton, has deer trailer rides with the rangers. During the winter the herd need extra food to keep them healthy and  this is a super opportunity upclose to learn more about these graceful mammals.

Look at the winter trees - Local events to take in the beauty of winter scenery and the views opened up to us by bare trees are great to encourage getting out of the house in the colder months. We are going to Ness Botanic Gardens  on the Wirral for their Winter Wonder Discovery Week where there will be welly walks, more snowdrops and crafts.

Scarecrows at half term - a peculiar time for scarecrows but I love them and will be taking my son to the Scarecrow Festival at Tatton. Maybe we will pick up some hints and tips to make our own this year at the allotment.

For lots of winter half term nature activities, the Woodland Trust produce free winter nature guides and printables from identifying winter trees, wildlife spotting and games. We use them a lot for home school.

Finally, many estuary areas are full of interesting birdlife at this time of year for birdspotting. Wrap up warm, take a flask and binoculars and look in to the life of waders and other migrant birds on the mudflats.
Winter woodland

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