Monday, 22 December 2014

The fir tree

night time at the forest fir tree forest at night pine forest choosing the Christmas tree light leak unwrapping the Christmas tree lit up Christmas tree 2014 Christmas tree
From the dark forest by pale moonlight, we chose our fir tree.

We turned him this way and that way. Checking him over. Making sure no straggly branches or bare patches. The careful process of deciding which tree is to be hung with all our precious baubles and encircled with fairy lights and tinsel. It actually did not take too long. But we didn't need to rush for Little Bird's sake as we have done in the Christmases of past- another sign of my boy maturing.

7ft and sturdy, a perfect shape and colour. Cocooned in  netting and taken home. I wonder if a tree knows? I wonder if he likes his new home and dressing of gold and glitter? It is a little sad, like an animal in a zoo and maybe next year we will buy an artificial Christmas tree. Or am I thinking too much....?

We watched a short film about the life of The Fir Tree, it was very cute. It's on the BBC iPlayer if you'd like to see it. Subtitled as it is in Danish which adds to the charm. Seriously will be the best thing you watch all Christmas.


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