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5 Bathroom Cleaning Cheats to Make Your Life Easier

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Homeowners are always on the lookout for inspirational ideas that can help improve the appearance of their homes. Something as simple as doing a deep clean can make a huge difference and this especially applies to bathrooms. But let's face it, the prospect of spending a morning cleaning the bathroom is far from appealing, which is why our latest guest post runs through some useful cleaning tips that give brilliant results with minimal effort.

A 100% Natural Limescale Remover
Over time, limescale deposits makes surfaces look dull and worn out, and the problem only gets worse if you live in a hard water area. Removing limescale is one of those jobs that we always postpone. However, there is an eco-friendly, inexpensive, and incredibly effective way of tackling limescale deposits. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half, scrub the affected areas with it, and cover them with a cloth soaked in vinegar (ACV or plain white vinegar). After a few hours, the natural acidity of lemon juice and vinegar will break down the limescale deposits, making them look your taps as shiny as new.

That Pesky Soap Scum
Soap scum will inevitably stain shower doors and tiles, covering them in unsightly white marks. If the scum has been building up for a while, you will need a heavy duty solution to remove it, and by heavy duty we mean baking soda and white vinegar. Mix a cup of baking soda with two cups of vinegar. Once the fizzing has stopped, apply the mix to your shower doors and let it sit for half an hour. After that, wipe the mix off using a window scrubber and warm water, and voila: squeaky clean shower doors!

Ventilation Units
Bathroom fans or extractors do a great job keeping condensation away, but unfortunately they tend to be left behind when it comes to cleaning, perhaps because they are in difficult-to-access locations. If ventilation units are not regularly cleaned, they can become blocked with dust and other nasties, which will be blown all over the bathroom every time the fan is turned on. Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? If you can remove the fan cover, do so and place it in a container with warm water and soap. If the cover can't be removed, use a small vacuum brush or a paintbrush soaked in a soapy solution.

Shiny Mirrors
So you think that you've done a great job cleaning the bathroom mirror. What about those streaks? They always drive us insane and make the job incredibly frustrating – nothing seems to work! A fantastic way around this is to draw on the magic effect of rubbing alcohol. Just pour a few drops on a clean micro-fibre cloth, wipe down, and you're done!

Cleaning Grout
Tile grout is a porous material, which means that it will keep absorbing dirt no matter how many times you clean it. We’ve all dipped an old toothbrush in bleach and scrubbed along the tile joints to remove those ugly black deposits. It’s not uncommon to end up re-grouted the bathroom tiles twice a year – but a far more convenient option could be to swap to bathroom cladding over tiles. There are plenty of specialist retails, such as UK-based DBS Bathrooms, stocking hygienic wall and ceiling cladding to eliminate the nightmare of grouting maintenance.

Cladding doesn't need grouting and is really easy just to wipe clean. It can also help reduce condensation while being 100% waterproof, and more importantly, is one of the most hygienic solutions that we've ever come across. Well worth the investment!
Armed with this advice, you’ve got a wealth of new approaches to tackle your bathroom with – with much more effective results. Do you have any secret cleaning tips you use over harsh store-bought cleaners? Drop a comment below!

**Guest post by DBS Bathrooms**


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We got our shower cladded after years of horrible grout and tiles leaking and I can thoroughly recommend it!

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