Friday, 6 September 2013

The last sunbeams at the allotments

red berriesAugust saw handfuls of berries and jam jars full of fragrant sweetpeas. An intoxicating smell that drifted through the house. Pure smell of summer to me.
SweetPeas growing up an obelisk Wooden Shed NumberRunner beans that struggled this year and peas with unwanted tennants in the pods. Wigglers. Yuk. Next year I'm going to just grow french climbing beans and borlotti. I find runner beans too fiddly.
growing runner beansPumpkins and courgettes if I'm honest were a no show. I really need to fertilise the plot this winter.
pumpkinTeeny, tiny grapes.
grape vine Berries were my largest harvest. Dripping jewels. Red currants an added treat into morning cereal and porridge. I baked a red currant cake too that worked out well, filled with cream and yet more berries.
red currants My father's plot was much more successful. An abundance of everything. He knows what he's doing. A muck man. A producer of nettle and comfrey tea. Meticulous.
allotment cut flower patch
 ways to number your allotmentHis plot neighbours are keen too. Lots of smart looking allotments with pretty displays. Cut flower areas and clematis climbing sheds. Huge lavenders and pergolas to allow sweetpeas to climb up. Some plots are more like little gardens, I like this. allotment entrance  clematis growing on the shed lavender drying onions
Hello there Miss Scarecrow. This would be fun to do with Little Bird next year. I must go and look for some scarecrow festivals this weekend - one of my favourite trips out.
miss scarecrow
Grandad as silly as ever, pretending to be a dinosaur. Cue giggling Little Bird.
grandad miss scarecrow
These grapes are just a bit better than mine. Ha, ha.
grapes blackberries
Harvest box from my dad to take home with us. Cauliflower cheese, rhubarb crumble, courgette fritters and lots of soup. This week I need to get back to my plot to start tidying up and taking the tomatoes off now - still green, to ripen at home. I promise you allotment that I will do better by you next year and will deliver you lots of horse poo.
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Nichola Fabfortymum said...

Oh my goodness what amazing pictures, what amazing growers you all are. All that wonderful produce. It must be so satisfying to see the end results, even the things that weren't a huge success this year.
Love the lady scarecrow too :)

Actually Mummy... said...

Beautiful :) I so love Sweet Peas, remind me of my Dad

Mammasaurus said...

Ahhh this takes me back to visiting my dads allotment with him as a child, sat on his bikes fame holding my little spade (pre- Health and Safety!)
Lovely colours and photos that make me want to dive in and start eating!

Thanks ever so much for joining in again and sharing x

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