Sunday, 15 September 2013

Once Upon a Money Story

Dear Son,

I know you are too young to understand about money but here is my advice for when you are older. We love our books and nursery rhymes son, so perhaps they can help me to show you all about finances.

Save up some golden eggs each month as soon as you are working so that you have money for the future. You may want to buy a house for just yourself or perhaps a first house with your wife like Peter Pumpkin Eater did. Or sometimes you may need some money to fall back on in times of difficulty. Sometimes it doesn't rain but it pours.Think of the old man that bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning. It's lucky he had some pennies put aside until he got better.
pumpkin house Keep track of those golden eggs and spend some time each month monitoring how many eggs are laid and how many are needed to pay the bills. You will have lots of bills, that's just the way life is and something called tax and insurance. The taxes that are paid to the King and Queen of the faraway land to ensure it runs smoothly - although you will not always agree with this. Some money will need to be spent on insurance, for your home or car, this would have helped the piggy to rebuild the house that the wolf huffed and puffed and blew down had he been wise. You will need to have a monthly budget for all your outgoings and then you know how much you have left for treating yourself.
Start a pension as soon as you are working. One day all those children with leave the shoe and you will have some nice money to retire with. Seems like such a long time off I know.
old woman that lived in a shoe Don't be greedy, you do not need the golden harp and the magic hen too. Only have what you can afford or afford to pay back. All the latest beanstalk land gadgets will not bring happiness but will make you worry about how you can make the repayments.

If you do get credit, some are good and some are bad like the poisonous apple in Snow White. Do your research and don't always pick what seems the most tempting upon first glance. Too many apples like loans will give you a tummy ache, keep control of that credit. Don't get into debt buying clothes or fancy items that you can't afford, there are plenty of budget options and you will still look cool.
basket of apples Be financially savvy. Read up on the subject, get a decent newspaper and read the financial section each week. Learn about how best to invest those golden eggs and where the better deals are. After all, you don't want just beans in return.
goose with the golden egg
When you jiggety-jog to market to buy a fat pig - or whatever else you may want to buy, don't be afraid to haggle and get some discount. Look for discounts and be frugal. Don't rush into buying things as you will save money by shopping around first.

pigsWork very hard like the shoemaker and you will receive great benefits. Focus on your career, even when things seem to be difficult. Keep on trying to better yourself and the elves will......well maybe not elves but you catch my drift - you gain a greater chance of being rewarded in the end.
fairytale book
Remember money is not everything, being rich will not necessarily bring you happiness. There are many free things in life that will fulfil you. Family and friends who love you are worth more. You can enjoy yourself living frugally and you will be a better person for it. Be wise with money and save up for the treats that you really want and you will live financially ever after.

Lots of love from
your Fairy God Mummy


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I love the way you have written this, just perfect

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