Monday, 9 September 2013

Little Bird and the Big Bugs

ants eating an apple An impromptu trip to the zoo seemed like a great idea they said..... until........they scared me with the most frightening creatures I have ever seen in all my three years. Huge ants eating big red apples and strange clawed monsters that squirted me with water. When they said zoo I was thinking happy penguins and pretty flamingos not these monstrosities!
 Stag Beetle Snap, snap, run! Squirt, squirt, hiss, run!Scary insect What is happening? What do these signs say - Mind-bogglingly big BUGS Firefly To be honest being squirted with water by this rude bug was of little effect since the huge grey rain cloud that appeared as soon as we entered the zoo burst and made all of us soaking wet through. No coats, how silly but then it was warm and sunny when we left. So this mean squirting bug was wasting his time.
spider lurking in his web Didn't fancy messing with the spider, although he did whisper across his silky threads that his big brother was around the corner. Ermmm bigger than you? Probably just a joke Mr. Spider and I'll be moving on. This was a nice chap who was more interested in eating his stalk. Very weevil like. More of a pest really as we passed him munching away.cute bug Getting a bit frightened again now. Never should have watched that Jeff Goldblum film. Mum did say it was strictly off limits. The size of these insects tells me somebody has been experimenting. bee on a flower How strange you look grasshopper of such ginormous proportions but it's ok because I'm not a plant, honest, I think you prefer them, not little boys.grasshopper A friendly lady at long last. We all love you in our garden, please come to out garden and clear out the aphids. Thank you. Your house is NOT on fire, so don't fret. ladybird What the.....yikes....oh my. Quick run! That spider was not telling lies after all. Oh this is horrendous. Even my mummy is running and taking me with her. Go away and don't turn up in my bath later.tarantula!!! Off to hitch a lift now before I get washed away in all this rain. Come on Miss Ladybird, let's go. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight and I hope I only ever see small bugs again.Soggy little rain soaked boy Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Brinabird the wee man the Diva said...

Ok seriously I find it hard to cope when the bugs are small!

Galina Varese said...

Oh my, the spiders would scare bejeezus out of me and haunt me in my nightmares. My guys might like them though

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

Wow - I've never seen or heard of this place! I'm surprised the children weren't frightened, although I know our children would love this. Thanks for linking up and sharing your huge creepy crawly adventures with Country Kids.

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