Saturday, 21 September 2013

Star Gazing Big Night In

Star Gazing Big Night I
If I could wish for the perfect family night in, it would be a starry soiree. This time of year always heralds the start of cold and clear nights, perfect to look up to the stars, so if we had a telescope we could all gather outside in our natty bobble hats and stripy scarves and gaze up whilst drinking warming hot chocolate with pink flumpy marshmallows.
 A chance to talk together, a little bit of magic in the air and enjoy some treats and seasonal food.

Party and look at the constellations
Source c/w -, Telescope - John Lewis, 
The garden would be decorated with twinkly lights and lanterns flickering.
Sparklers tracing shapes and names.
Some starry face painting and grabbing a woolly plaid blanket for extra warmth.
Deep, dark sky with glimmering stars, looking for constellations. The Plough. Orion.
Telescope - my turn, my turn!!
Waiting for the the International Space Station passing, amazing. Silly waving 'hello'
Learning, wondering, talking about comets and UFO's. Laughing.

Star Gazing Party Fun
Items from John Lewis. 
Getting a bit later and much chillier.......time to go inside.
Fun onesies and warming bed socks. So snuggly.
Vegetable stew with suet dumplings, in the shape of stars of course.
Cakes and jelly beans, posh containers of sweets.
Cappuccino with a dash of something extra for Mummy and Daddy Bird.
Stack of new board games. No television tonight please.
Little Bird enjoying a space sticker book, Junior Birds playing with the Lego Space Centre
5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off!

Star gazing party essentials
Sources  where known - Constellation tarts, Kigu is from John Lewis 
Camping downstairs, telling ghost stories. Anecdotes of time travel and celestial beings.
Why do the constellations have these names? Pondering.
Squishy cushions to hide behind, shining torches around the room.
Moon light filters in, tucked in, goodnight hugs.

Cosy up at the star gazing party
Sources where known c/w:, Sticker book - John Lewis, Emma Bridgwater Star Mug

Kids asleep. Tired out too. Couple of drinks and making Daddy Bird laugh telling fortunes. Quick check of the stars - a different sky. Chatting philosophically and checking upon sleeping, little campers snoring. Tidy up tomorrow. Good night to all who lie under the stars. A perfect night of family togetherness.

 Tarot reading
Sources unknown except for the star lamp - eCRATER
Telescope - £170
Space Books and stickers - £20
Board Games & party bits 'n' bobs- £40
Star Projector Lamp - £25
Outside fairy lights - £20
Lanterns - £30
Lego City Space Centre & shuttle- £60
Lovely woolly hats and socks - £100
Owl Kigu - £35
Onesies for the rest of us - £150
Blanket - £50
Food goodies - £50
Total £750

This is my entry into the Little Stuff  'Big Night In' competition with Two Little Fleas and how I would spend £750 on an amazing night in with the family.


Rebecca Beesley said...

absolutely love this idea. I stargazed for a bit before my youngest arrived but sleep seems to take priority for me at the moment! xxx

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