Monday, 13 February 2012

Sweetie Hearts

Valentine Sweetie Bowl
Wishing you all a great Valentine's Day for tomorrow - if you are into that lovey dovey stuff. 
The day makes me cringe a bit I'm afraid. My least favourite holiday. 
 I'm just thinking all about Spring.
Sweetie Heart Bowl
However, I like hearts and I like sweets so ermmm I suppose there is a little bit of Valentine's creeping into my house.
Valentine Candy
Heart Sweets
When my son is a bit older I'll help him make cards for his little sweetheart and maybe I'll sneak a heart shaped sandwich into his lunch box. 
Lots of fizzy Love HeartsLove Hearts Vintage Tin
I couldn't resist this cute heart tin full of fizzy Love Hearts. I haven't bought any of these sweets for a long, long time and it amused me how modern some of the messages are now with text speak ....LOL, L8R.  See.... all this Valentine's malarky is for the teenagers ;) 

Love Hearts Messages
Have a great day and I hope the postie brings you what you hoped for.


PhotoPuddle said...

Aw, such cute pictures! And I really want that tin of love hearts!

Thedarkerside73 said...

We have never done the valentines thing either.

Although I love hearts and used have a lot of little cherubs about the house in ornament or picture form.

Those sweet do look very pretty. Almost too nice to eat.


greenthumb said...

Those lollies look great, hope you had a nice day.

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