Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shades of Red

A friend of mine getting married this year has burgundy as her main wedding colour and was looking for some flower combination inspiration. Definitely not red and white she said as this reminded her of funerals. I have heard about the meaning of certain flower colours before - just before having Little Bird I went to college to train in floristry where we learnt such things. (Another of my many college courses but I'll save all of that for another day's story.) 

So I thought I'd place my little mood board on here, after all it is Valentines day this month and we all like a few pretty flowers.
Red Burgundy Wedding Flowers
Red Wedding Flowers Ideas
Red Hand Tied Bouquets
I think I like the summery look of red mixed with pink the best, seems to reduce the heaviness of all red and to me looks delicate. A splash of green Alchemilla mollis (Lady's mantle) too perhaps. What do you think? What sort of wedding flowers did you have?

All of the images are from my floristry scrap book and are originally from the Wedding Flowers magazine.


76 sunflowers said...

I love the top left hand tied bouquet, gorgeous flowers and colours. My wedding bouquet had dark pink gerberas, pale pink roses and pale green small leaved foliage - eucalyptus comes to mind, does that sound right? No koalas though! Lovely pics x x

Anonymous said...

So pretty. All the flowers for my wedding were home grown in a friends garden who also happened to be a part time florist. I wanted everything very natural. I had lots of hand picked flowers in vintage jam jars on tables and rose petals scattered down the aisle.

...C o w R o a d... said...

What lovely collages you made there! :)
I had a small bouquet with dark blue irises called "Professor Blue" in it. These were actually 'bred' (I know that is not the right word but don't actually know the right one) by my late grandfather in The Netherlands. He 'made' quite a few but the Prof. Blue was his most famous one! :-)

PhotoPuddle said...

Dark red was my wedding colour too and had dark red roses as my wedding bouquet. Gorgeous but actually rather heavy!

lavender attic said...

I love the crimson & herbs...agree with you about alchemilla mollis - zingy green, I have loads in the garden.
I always pick some rosemary and add it to other flowers in jam jars for the kitchen table.

lavender attic said...

...Ooops forgot - my wedding bouquet was (boringly) cream roses in a hand tied bouquet, with leaves around the outside. Funny how your taste evolves...

Blytheponytailparades said...

Wow, that dress is just…..incredible. If I was really skinny and flat chested I would TOTALLY wear that!!!! :P I feel like it belongs in a Shakespeare movie or something!

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