Friday, 22 July 2011



We attempted to do some toddler art.
I demonstrated some scribbling.

Crayon 1
crayon 3
Crayon 2
Crayon 4

Instead Little Bird created a new game of Roll-a-Crayon.

Have you ever heard of crayon muffins?  I hadn't but Lucinda has been making these at
  Bakes, Books And My Boys - have a look at her Top Ten Boredom Busters for the school holidays.


greenthumb said...

How sweet.

sadie said...

aww, that's so cute.

Yeah, have heard of crayon muffins, but never got round to making any. Always sounded like a fab way of using up the broken bits & pieces.

Must go. Am cleaning bathroom and removing all the junk that girly girl stashes. Taking longer than I hoped!

have a lovely weekend


PhotoPuddle said...

Roll-a-crayon sounds just as fun as colouring!!

@MeAndMyLottie said...

Ive never heard of them either, will definately have a look at your link Sam, thanks.


PS. I love your photo's, you have a way with the camera :)

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