Friday, 8 July 2011

The Town Carnival

Town was awash with swarthy pedlars laden with shiny helium balloons and lurid furry snakes on sticks. The crowd slowly built up and the police cars signalled the start of the annual town parade with a quick siren blast.

Trailers and trucks crawled along, glitter explosions, streamers and ribbons, children of all ages in fancy dress and the rose queens - all puffed up in sparkly dresses and pouty faces.
Music blared, batons soared blue skyward and excited children shouted and waved to proud, nattering parents, beaming on grass verges and leaning on fences.

A pedlar and a pout

The parade meandered into the town park through iron Victorian gates.

Follow the parade

At the top of the hill was the funfair, all colourful and raucous. 
Wonderful fairground signs that I want for my house.

one win any prize

Full of lights and full of life.
Sticky, gooey, sugar coated, rainbow toffee

Toffee and choc apples

Nail biting, exciting, zipping, zapping and shooting high. Round and around, stars in eyes. 
Hurry up and finish or have another go?

Crazy Chase Coaster

Tripping, trapping, fun house laughs. 
Spinning, dancing, helter-skeltering too fast.
Throwing hoops and hooking ducks. Won a prize! 
Is there any room in the buggy for an oversized bear?

sticky gooey prizes

Ride the carousel, a softer hue, less incandescent, a gentler glow.
A trail of balloons on the way home. 'Look! They've been to the fair too!'

Little Birds favourites



PhotoPuddle said...

Fantastic! The funfair is always such a great place to take photos. So much colour!

Anonymous said...

Candy floss - yummy !!

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