Monday, 18 July 2011

When you don't have a great weekend....

..... you just have to focus on the good bits.

*A visit to my dad's allotment albeit in the pouring rain*

allotment rubbish

Past the obligatory allotment junk.

dads allotment

Dad has a full plot so a lot more space than my teeny tiny allotment

Plot 21


Runner beans


Lots of room here for fruit trees - apples, cherries, plums, pears...



yellow swathes

We dashed home soaked to the skin. At home was my lovely nana who knits & knits & knits to keep her fingers nimble. She's nearly 90 and a gem in my life. 

I love listening to her stories. Maybe the weekend wasn't so bad after all.

Nana's hands


@MeAndMyLottie said...

your dads allotment looks great, it looks huge too :)

Thedarkerside73 said...

Wow a big space for lots of lovely things to grow. It looks beautiful.

We have to look after our gems in life. They are so precious. Those older ones in age but young at heart particularly.

Sounds like the weekend wasn't a complete wash out after all.


Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

What a lovely post! Your weekend sounds lovely, I love getting wet with rain and then coming home getting dry and cosy. Your Dad's allotment is amazing full with vegetables and fruits and flowers. Bless your Nan! You are very lucky. Bx

sadie said...

crikey, you are taking me back. My mum and dad's garden backs on to the allotments, and my dad used to have one. Then I've had a few myself (with chickens at one point). When I was young I often went scrumping at dusk. I know, I'm just a rotten apple, but it was fun! ;o) Used to make dens on the allotments too. Happy memories.

What is it with allotments and old doors and stuff? I think it's some kind of unwritten law!

thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sorry your weekend wasn't totally great, but you are spot on. When things are poo, look at the good stuff.



greenthumb said...

I wish I had more room to grow veggies and flowers like your dad, how great to still have your Nanna with you.

PhotoPuddle said...

I think it'd be lovely to have an allotment. Well it would be if I was at all green fingered.

Glad you managed to see how lovely your weekend was after all.

...Nina Nixon... said...

I'm in an allotment dream land.

What amazing pictures.

Nina xxx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to still have your nanny,I lost mine 20 years ago,she loved to knit too.Treasure every day with her,Im sure you

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