Friday, 15 July 2011

Building Blocks

This week we have slowed the pace a little. Days are about playing with lovely wooden building blocks and singing nursery rhymes, rather than worrying how many jobs are on the to do list. It means more to see my son's smiling face rather than a corner of the room free from tumble weed dog hair.

More time with mummy

Building blocks

Instead of rushing off to the allotment as soon as Daddy Bird comes home, I'm leaving it be. Aside from harvesting broad beans and potatoes, some watering and feeding, well the weeds can have a romp this week. I am not entering the allotment competition as I set myself too high targets to get everything just not this year. It's all looking fine with minimum input.


The focus is on my Little Bird and play time, to encourage him to communicate, gesture, vocalise and develop. I'm spending some time planning the next day a little, what we will eat and what activities or trips out may be valuable for our well being for body and mind. Little Bird is especially content interacting with nature and likes to touch plants or watch trees swishing in the wind. We are lucky to have a garden and plenty of parks nearby too to encourage imagination and creativity. Yesterday he noticed a bee buzzing around the sunflowers and it made him giggle.


We have a regular play session at the local Children's Centre that suits Little Bird as there is a very loose structure but lots of fun toys and objects to investigate. I found that classes which are 'bums on floor' do not suit him at the moment. He likes to roam, observe at his own pace and do his own thing. It was distressing to both of us to force encourage him to keep still and play an instrument. I'm sure the ability to join an organised activity will come one day.

Building everyday

I seem to be reading a lot of posts about simplifying life, there must be something in the air. Are you having a life laundry session too?


PhotoPuddle said...

Glad you've been having a lovely week. I just wrote a long comment here then read it back and realised it would make a nice blog post for today. Therefore if you want to see my comment you'll have to check out my blog post later on today!

greenthumb said...

Hi just found your blog, glad you are taking the time to be with you son, that's what matters in life.

Anonymous said...
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