Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Nana & Grandad by Little Bird

Here's my Grandad, he keeps chickens (they're a bit scary though). He has a wiry beard that I pull.

hold my hand

This is my Nana who is camera shy and likes pink - a lot!! 

nanas shoes

Grandad helps look after this park. Nana is glad as it 'Gets him out of the house' My Mummy played here a lot when she was little.

walk like grandad

LOOK! A car in the park? My Grandad makes things, he can build anything from wood and bits of junk. Nana likes baking in her pink kitchen with her pink bowl and pink whisk. Nana is always at the library.

walking with grandad

LOOK! A new game with funny sticks and a ball? Nana does a lot of tidying up whilst Grandad is at his allotment digging potatoes. She goes shopping with my Great Nana on Saturdays. Great Nana is the funniest. She always gets words wrong and Grandad laughs.
Pitch and put
My Nana and Grandad have two dogs that yap a lot. They are lucky, they come to the park three times a day and Nana plays fetch with them. I like it here. Next time I'm bringing my football. 

no ball games

Gallery Week 65: Grandparents. 


jfb57 said...

These photos are so great because they show that grandpa's way of walking has been passed on! Fab!

Happy Homebird said...

I know! It's curious isn't it! I think he looks like my dad a lot, I catch an expression here and there.

Kerry Curl said...

Beautuful pictures. Lovely the park you used to visit as a nipper is now being enjoyes by your little person!

Emma@christmascupboard said...

When my Grandad retired from his shops he couldn't sit still so he went to work at Valentines park in London...He loved being surrounded by wildlife all day while being in the middle of London...and we loved to visit him there.

Love your post and how you have written it...My fav Gallery entry so far x

Katie and Reuben said...

Aw, this is so cute! Just stumbled across your blog and so happy I did! Such a sweet place :)

Katie x

Anonymous said...

I love the slippers picture in particular but all of them too. I think you would be great at writing children's stories too

Jenny said...

Aww what a simply gorgeous post and I llove the way you have written the post it really made me smile :) x

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