Monday, 4 July 2011

Charity Shop Crawl

Me and Aunty Bird went on a charity shop crawl last week in my town. We started at one end of the precinct and went in each and every charity shop along the way. I was just casually shopping for anything that caught my eye and Aunty Bird was looking for items for her new trendy barn conversion.

I found this spotty chap. No, not for Little Bird!  He's for a shelf in our family room as he's so handsome. I love chunky wooden toys. Just a £1.

wooden dog

Then I spied this absolute treasure for £4.95. A gorgeous picnic basket lined with blue gingham, minty green cups, plates and cutlery, plus a pack of serviettes. As soon as I spotted it, I imagined teddy bear picnics on the lawn with Little Bird or stopping off in the car for a quick bite.

Picnic Basket

Along the way I picked up a few toys and books for the little man but then lurking on a bottom shelf was a gorgeous tatty old tambourine for £1. It's ribbons remind me of Morris Dancers and it looks great alongside my Fairy Tambourine that I bought from Made in Hastings a few years back.



I didn't realise this fairy only had one arm until I got home. She's very jolly in her petal hat so I don't mind her being a bit broken. She's now enjoying hanging out with the nature books.

Book fairy

I'm a jar obsessive. Aunty Bird thinks it's old biddyish, I say old lady chic! I love pressed glass jars and think they are brilliant for displaying colourful items such as ribbons, cotton reels and sweeties. Just £2.50

Ribbon Jar

I also bought a couple of items for some home projects which I'll divulge at a later date and Aunty Bird chanced upon some lovely glasses which I suggested would look lovely as tealight holders. Unfortunately I broke one! (when we got home) Clumsy, clumsy...hangs head in shame.

The Early Learning Centre had a great sale on so Aunty Bird treated little'un to a Happyland set, half price as the box was a bit torn. I think I enjoy playing with these just as much, especially when they are as cute as this one. It even plays hurdy gurdy music.

happyland ferris wheel

After all our traipsing about, struggling with the pushchair in some tight squeezes and lugging bags until the plastic handles were stretching to snapping point, it was time for a rest. Little Bird was a joy to take out, in the past he's been very cranky whilst shopping and in cafes. I think we may have turned a corner as he was most content looking through his books and playing with cars on the table.

cafe collage

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karen jones said...

oooh! Hello, I am new to your blog, love, love, love your photographs and magpieMonday thrifty finds. xx


gidders1 said...

Hi, you have a lovely eyes, not only for fab magpie Monday finds, but the beautiful way you have presented them! Lovely post :)

Liz Burton said...

Oh what a beautiful post! Well, hello :0)

I adore the wooden dog, he's fab and def one for the grown ups to admire!

I'm with you on glass jars, I cant get enough of them. I have to say, your tambourines look absolutely beautiful. Think I'm in love :0)

Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

Beautiful tambourine! It's looks great on your wall. Been a ribbon girl myself, I can really understand the glass jar item. I love ribbons, I have so many in my sewing room in a box, I think they would look lovely in a jar! Lovely blog x

PhotoPuddle said...

Wow, what a great haul! Fantastic shopping week. Wonder what bargains you'll get this week.

Anonymous said...

In love with your picnic basket , what a bargain.

mumsarcade said...

I have a thing about picnic baskets and that is a good bargain.
The fairy is 'armless and lovely.

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