Friday, 22 January 2016

A happy birthday seaside walk

boy at the winter's sea Brisk wind in our faces, hats and boots on, we took a walk along the beach at Llandudno for little man's 6th birthday. With the tide out we crossed the high pebbled ridge and onto the flat sands where leggy gulls picked up tasty sea offerings and we ourselves found marine treasure to look at. A mermaids purse nestled itself among the colourful rocks, its long curly tendrils and shiny case, likely to have been the home of a young dogfish, our resident mini shark.
Great Orme view from Llandudno beach mermaids purse LLandudno is a place we have visited before, for Victorian charm and typical seaside fun it's the place to come but in winter, stripped to its bare bones you see a different side. Without the buzz of people you can really appreciate the bay's position between the two headlands. The Great Orme on one side, famous for its funicular tramway and it's smaller counterpart on the other, Little Orme. Imperial Hotel Llandudno The pastel coloured hotels along the seafront seem desolate but on closer inspection are still alive with ground floor diners looking out into the cold winter air. Many of the shops are not open  - back in February say cardboard signs propped up in windows.winter shoreline Wales Victorian houses below the Great Orme Llandudno Pier Little OrmeFor the birthday boy it was the perfect place, fresh air, a plentiful supply of pebbles for splashing into the sea and a pizza to share in the warmth of the car. We also had a walk along the pier and a very quick look in the town centre as night quickly started to drape itself around us by 5 o'clock. It's always a quiet birthday for LB, after the festive commotion it's what he needs to relax. A sleepy car ride home meant that cake and candles were saved for the day after instead.....Llandudno seafront throwing pebbles

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