Saturday, 2 January 2016

Chester Cathedral Christmas spirit

Chester Cathedral A tradition of ours is going to Chester Cathedral at Christmas for the tree festival and their storybook recreations, this year A Christmas Carol. From the vision of the ghost of Christmas present looming over Eberneezer Scrooge in his bed to Jacob Marley in his chains, a wonderful way to explore the Cathedral especially with young children. Chester Cathedral nave Chester Cathedral A Christmas Carol Then the trees lining the cloisters, so many varied decorations from fun and quirky red rubber ducks to traditional angels and baubles. At one point a door opened and out walked all the choristers in their red robes which was a lovely sight, all getting ready for choral evensong. Chistmas tree festival in the cloisters Chester Cathedral cloisters tree festival felted angel Christmas trees Chester Cathedral natural Christmas tree Paris Christmas tree The Cathedral is spectacular at any time but around Christmas it's amazing with all the twinkly lights and the exhibition. It was fairly quiet too in the evening so a little eerie as we walked around, not that LB was scared at all. Jacob Marley In the Chapter House Scrooge gingerbread men decorations


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