Friday, 29 January 2016

January allotment update

Winter allotmentFor the purposes of a full year's worth of allotment updates, here is the current state for January - cold, wet, overgrown and a whole lot of work to be done. allotment in January playing at the allotment Of course, it's a great place for my little boy to run around, a little help with the wheel barrow but that's it. Meanwhile my gloves are on and I'm forking over the ground and pulling up stringy couch grass which I've always found strangely therapeutic. Absolutely takes ages though and the amount of work to be done is immense. So here we are in all it's earthy, muddy, overgrown appeal.....allotment January
growing leeks Leeks, chard, artichokes and strawberries are around so the plot's not completely bare. The raised beds were cleared which instantly makes it look better and we managed to turn over a section, weed in between the leeks and unearth a few forgotten spuds. allotment playing cream shed Yes, all that grass!! Guess where we will be this weekend with fork in hand but hopefully next month I'll have a better picture to show you. A few weeks ago there were huge puddles all over the ground so now it's all drained away there is no excuse. fun at the allotment allotment view

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