Sunday, 14 September 2014

Enjoy those Fairy Soft Moments #PowerOfSoft

My little boy has not started school as yet. We are home educating for a little while until we find the right school. That maybe this January or next September so we have a little longer together. When he goes to school I shall be in a pool of tears, I will miss all our cuddles and the days out mid-week.

It is strange how the time really does fly from when you bring your precious child home from the hospital to their first steps and then going to nursery. Fairy Non Bio have a lovely video 'The Softest they'll ever be'that is encouraging  all mums to make the most of all those hugs and cuddles, all the special moments when they are little before they go off for the first day at school. The video may bring a tear to your eye....sniff...

My little boy has always been so cuddly, contrary to the myth that autistic children don't like hugs and affection. Quite the opposite for my little man, he craves affection and has always wanted to be close to me. He still does! I love these days so much, these precious days when he still very much wants his mummy. 

When he first went off to pre-school he would run and wrap his arms around me when I went to collect him. Such a wonderful feeling and one that Fairy Non Bio are encouraging us to not take for granted. I feel lucky to have this extra time with my son now before he heads off to school full time. It is hard to believe that he will be 5 in January as I can remember so clearly when he was just 5 months and his cheeky smile was appearing. The cheeky smile that makes my heart melt.

So even though my house is filled with noise and toys and books everywhere I will really miss it all when he heads out with his little school bag, sigh.....I wish time would go slower. I have in the past wished for the next step, after a hard day. When he was a baby I wished for him to be a toddler, for him to be walking or for him to be able to do more for himself. However due to his needs these stages have taken longer and sometimes been extremely delayed such as with his speech. When his first words started pretty much exactly a year ago I felt like the happiest person on the planet. This has actually made me appreciate the small things in life a lot more and savour our precious moments. I feel like I get extra time with my boy being little and I'm making the most of it.

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