Friday, 26 September 2014

Garden Care FAQs; Keep Your Lawn Looking Fresh This Winter

Ensuring that your garden is fully equipped to handle the cold weather can appear to be quite a daunting task. During the summer, you may be more willing to get your hands dirty and spend some time pottering around the garden thanks to the warmer weather and abundance of sunshine. But as soon as the winter months draw closer, you become more of a home bird and refuse to set foot outside in icy temperatures. This latest post answers a few questions about using your garden this winter…

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn In Winter?
This is a subject that has been debated many times and a quick search on your laptop throws up far too many answers! It’s true that some people believe that cutting your lawn too short is a way to create unsightly brown patches, but if it is a mild winter, keeping on top of the lawn and cutting the top growth off will keep it tidy for springtime.

Should I Still Use My Garden This Winter?
The simple answer is yes! Whilst you might not want to replace sitting by a roaring fire with shivering in minus numbers, your garden is still available to you. Our favourite option is to invest in comfy seating and an outdoor fireplace or chimenea for your garden. Combine this with a mug of hot chocolate and you have created the perfect winter get-together. Be careful of any icy grounds and take care not to run amok on your lawn, but sitting down wrapped up in a winter coat is definitely not a problem!

Should I Worry About Cleaning My Lawn?
Okay, we know that cleanliness is important all year around but we are so reluctant to keep up with this maintenance during winter. Unfortunately, it has definitely got to be done! During the colder months, it is essential that your lawn receives as much sunlight as possible. If there are leftover autumn leaves strewn across your garden, a high-quality rake is essential to keep your lawn clear. If you have a pet regularly scampering across your garden, I’m afraid you still have to go out and clean up after them!

Is Artificial Grass The Better Option In Winter?
Choosing to install artificial grass is not essential (it’s not always for everyone) and if you are more than happy to keep up with the maintenance then definitely go ahead! However, if you want to remove absolutely all ties to preserving your lawn, then why not take a look at introducing replica grass? Easy installation, no maintenance and it will remain looking fantastic all year around. If you are considering making this change or you would like to find some more information, check out reputable turf suppliers, Turf Express for honest advice. It may be the perfect choice for your garden, front lawn or any other place you can think of!

The post was written by Brittany Reid on behalf of UK-based turf specialists Turf Express.


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