Friday, 5 September 2014

Keeping Your Home Fresh For Guests

Whether it is your elderly grandparents or your collection of close friends, inviting guests over to your home can often be a stressful occasion. From purchasing the cleaning essentials to identifying any clutter solutions, it is important that you can feel confident in welcoming guests with open arms. Check out our top tips for a guest-friendly home…

Prepare The Kitchen –Any close family members or friends will probably barge into your kitchen and raid the cupboards for their own treats – so it is best to be prepared for the inspection! If you know your guests well, then it is easy to fill your kitchen with tasty treats to suit them. However, if they are new to your home then it always best to offer the bare essentials such as a tea, coffee and a tin of biscuits. For a slightly more sophisticated affair, why not trying putting together your own cheese board? Although probably not best if you ever want your guests to leave! Lastly, we recommend keeping a bottle of wine or beer chilled in the fridge in order to toast yourself for being such a fantastic hostess!

Prepare The Bedroom – Whether you have a bedroom dedicated to your future guests or your idea of a makeshift bedroom is throwing down a mattress on your spare room floor, it is essential to make sure that your guest is comfortable. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your guest is happy to sleep at your home is to provide them with freshly washed linen. There is no need to smother them with material accessories, but it is worth offering a couple of fluffy pillows and a cosy blanket, especially during those winter nights.

Prepare the Bathroom – When guests arrive at your home, you can probably assume that they will have forgotten a variety of things, so it is always best that you are prepared to share! Whether you need supply toothpaste or shampoo, it might be worthwhile investing in some storage solutions for your bathroom to keep the clutter to a minimum. If you haven’t already done so, why not check out these bathroom cabinets from Bathroom Deal; ideal for storing essential products or keeping your personal items hidden behind stylish mirrored doors. Finish your bathroom with a couple of your finest guest towels and you are ready to go!

Clean and tidy house? Snacks at the ready? You are ready to invite your guests in with confidence that they will enjoy every moment in your home!

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