Sunday, 23 June 2013

Little Bird's Gardening Days

Moneysupermarket gardening starter kit
We were very lucky to receive a gorgeous gardening starter kit from MoneySupermarket for their #KidsGrowWild challenge with Britmums. A cute bag with gloves, watering can, fork, trowel and three packets of seeds. 
Little Bird loves the garden as it is such a sensory experience for him. He loves to feel all the different textures and investigating absolutely every part of the garden.
Happy boy in the garden
Recently I kept finding snails at the front of our summerhouse, only to realise that it is Little Bird collecting snails from around the garden like pieces of treasure. Lovely, slimy, swirly treasure. If any snails are on their side, he put them the right way up. Bless.
Muddy Shoes
Little Bird also loves to find small gaps and holes in the fence so he can peep through at the neighbour's gardens. Cheeky.
Watering can
He loves to help water the seedlings we had planted in our raised bed with his new shiny green watering can. They are all doing very well and not much snail damage - probably because he's relocated them all :)
Raised Bed
Little Bird's idea of gardening is to do lots of dead heading, particularly the purple chive flowers. I find pretty collections of flowers on the stepping stones. 
Picking chive flowers
 Chive Flower
The touch, smells and sounds of the garden make Little Bird very happy and I'm keen to encourage this and have him help out. He's still not in to digging as yet but we will get there. For now he is content with his botanical collections and mini creature studies :) 
Feeling plant textures
Swishy, swashy in the plants.
Garden Playing
His animals like to play in the garden too. Cow often likes to tromp through the greenery.
Animals in the garden
I think Little Bird's flower collections are like piece of art. In fact we used one for his latest preschool homework. 
I hope his interest continues so we can share our love of the garden and pretty flowers.
 photo 9c2e62ab-b977-41d0-8a77-14c9eda0a125_zpsc76beda6.jpg
This post is an entry for BritMums' #KidsGrowWild Challenge. For details please visit the MoneySupermarket website.


greenthumb said...

How lovely, I love to garden with my son also.

Mrs Fox said...

He looks so happy, what a lovely post. My two little foxes have always loved their time planting and playing in the garden and allotment, it has continued to be a great way to pass the time even tho the oldest has now reached the grand old age of 7.

Emma@christmascupboard said...

How lovely. I love that he collects snails. My youngest used to do that, so cute x

kateonthinice said...

Wonderful words and pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

Unknown said...

So beautiful I wish I had green fingers I'll get there one day x

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