Monday, 17 June 2013

Forest Magic

 Ticket to the Enchanted Forest 
Come on a trip to The Spellbound Forest. 
I shan't interrupt too much, just follow the path and weave your own story........................
 Shield forest path  Look for fairies My Lady sign Forest Bunting Fairy and horse  Sunlight through the forest trees  Music in the forest 
Listen to the sweet music as you pass by but look for all the clues to get you to the ball.
 Question? Where is the prince? 
The fairies all have such pretty wellies these days. So much more practical than silk slippers.
Girl dressed as fairy Royal banners
Stopping for ice cream or coffee is an absolute necessity. 
 Coffee in the Forest Go No Farther Sign 
Some people you may meet have been here in the forest for such a long time.
Old Father Time Forest Sign 
Weave a magic spell and wish for pretty things, perhaps a perfect bed to rest a while....
Princess Forest Bed Marry Me Sign 
Pick your gown, which will it be? Lace, silk or the finest velvet and dance all night in the Spellbound Forest.
 Pretty dresses Bird Cages

A little adventure we had with little bird.
This was actually last year but I loved it so much that I had to share.
It was organised by Wild Rumpus


Mammasaurus said...

How beautiful - I love those handing bird cages and dresses - truly magical x

Toffeeapple said...

Oh, how utterly magical and beautiful! What a lovely way to spend time in a wood with faeries.

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