Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rainy morning rainbows

Double rainbow

A magical double rainbow by the early morning light

Up above the streets and houses

Up in my loft room, looking out over the roof tops,
colours peeking out from the red chimney pots

Rain soaked tiles

Rain cascading down the tiles.
A beautiful view but I think we are in for a wet Bank Holiday weekend. Typical!

Rainbow brite


Emma@christmascupboard said...

Such a lovely post. I have a real thing for rooftop views, so gorgeous. Love your new Blog header! x

mother of purl said...

ooooooh- lovely shots x

Juliab said...

Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog. We have had our fair share of rain today aswell, although I didn't manage to see any rainbows. Beautiful photos. x

PhotoPuddle said...

Awesome photos. Really hard to capture a rainbow as beautifully as this.
And love that one on the roof. I presume it was taken out of a window and you hadn't climbed up there!

76 sunflowers said...

Wow they are such beautiful shots! The rooftop setting definitely adds to them x

Tracy Glover said...

This is gorgeous! Well done for capturing it. It reminds me of last week when the little one was out with her Dad and they rang me to tell me to look outside. I went and saw a lovely rainbow, a double one like this, but my camera was broken! So I am delighted to see this. Perfect pics. xxx

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