Friday, 5 August 2011

Allotment Beauty

I just had one of those days, warm and lazy and a strange feeling of being content or that something good lay just around the corner. I spent most of the day outside, watching life, absorbing sunshine and listening to the humming of the air. I felt so in tune with the seasons that the inner Pagan must be awaking in me.

I watched the local farmers who have been working very hard the past few days harvesting barley. I have been whooping and shouting to Little Bird every time tractors and trailers thundered past - the return trip with bales stacked high is an awesome sight.


Hay making

Picking blackberries by the allotment gate is my latest pleasure, every time I visit, yet more polished black fruit for me to pop into a jam jar.

Blackberry picking

Squashes are growing larger by the day. A whole pumpkin patch which prickles my legs as I try to find the main stems to water.


Pumpkin patch

Flowers peeping out from spare ground. 


Little precious life everywhere, busy or just having a warm of the wings.


I treated myself to a couple for posys gathered from the plot and the garden - sweet peas & herbs.... ahhh the sweet smell.


And more berry fruit to take home.



I like to look for beauty on the allotment - reflections, silhouettes, stark contrasts of structures against the sky. I expect my plot neighbours think I'm very strange and cheeky as I photograph their plots too. Allotment junk and nick-nacks are of course everywhere and I like looking for patterns and interesting textures.

Compost Unit

pinwheel glitter

Nasturtiums spilling out by my shed curving around. Further around I can hardly get into the plot as they've swamped the pathway. So many here and at home from just one packet of seeds.
Hoverflies and bees are dancing around them, it's been a success.


Tied canes

So many ways for beans to climb up high....



Up netting, across scaffolding props and arches.



Slightly Vlad the Impaler-ish.


bean supports 2

I love how the late afternoon light can catch objects, glinting and throwing off colourful light.

raspberry canes

more props

Even compost heaps and barrels of stinking fermenting comfrey are pretty to me.

Pondering chair

I did have some explaining to do as I was caught lying on the floor.


What lucky people to live backing onto the allotments, an exciting ever changing view. Unbelievably we have one persistent moaner that hates his window view and complains about sheds not being the right shade of green and dogs barking a mile away at the farm. What a shame to be that miserable.

Runner beans 2

Across the fields is the road to my house. You can see a museum here and one of the rivers is behind that - I live between two gorgeous riverways.

Allotment View

Time to lock up the shed - if I can......


At home I enjoy putting my hand picked flowers in jugs and jars. 
I cannot possibly express how much this makes me immensely happy.
 It was one of those days where I felt  truly 'rich' despite the few pennies in my purse.

sweetpea posy

Garden posy


greenthumb said...

What a pretty bunch of flowers and photos. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. I love the picture of the little bee.

PhotoPuddle said...

Oh these pictures are gorgeous. So lovely and summery.

Anonymous said...

Can't beat home grown. Liking that candle in your last photo

elaine said...

Lurv your photos. How do you do the b & w with colour? Glad you had a happy day.

plugwoodward said...

Fantastic pictures, love the B&W/Colour :)

76 sunflowers said...

Absolutely love these pics. Looks like an amazing, well edstablished allotment. Yes, how do you do the b&w with colour??! x

littlekarstar said...

Happy homebird you are indeed! I love your post, it's put a smile on my face. Your allotment looks wonderful. I know that contented humming feeling of putting homegrown flowers in empty jars around the house and homegrown vegies on the sink! :)

Jono / Real Men Sow said...

Love these photos. Really capture the time of year. Keep 'em coming!

Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

*sigh* what a wonderful day you have shared with us. I am now itching to have an allotment of my own (not that I know anything about gardening/growing).

Florawood said...

Hello! i absolutely love your pics, the allotment is fantastic and your blog is really lovely, thanks so much for following mine...although i have a long way to go to be as fab as yours, look foward to more great pics,:) Justinexxx

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