Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Late Summer Garden


We have been enjoying a few days of sunshine despite my longing for autumn.

Autumn sign

I have been making a note of changes I want to make in the garden next year, whilst still enjoying the blooms of this summer. I am always keen to move on. I will not let Calendula and Nasturtiums take over as much next year - it was a cheap and cheerful option as I had grown so many from seed. The Crocosmia (below) can stay but the garden this year has just been far too orange for my liking.


Some plants are already starting to turn autumnal brown, you can feel it in the air too, especially in the morning. Have you noticed ?


Last week I got Daddy Bird to put up a couple of piece of pretty trellis to break up an expanse of wall and it's also a strategic screening too. Since a tree a few gardens away was chopped down I am suddenly exposed, dressing gown, bleary eyed and morning cuppa, to the upstairs windows of two terraces on a side road. I have planted Star Jasmine to eventually climb up but for the time being it has a twinkling of fairy lights to enjoy at my evening brew time.

Verbena and trellis

The clematis was a surprise, I actually thought I had lost it but it has been flowering profusely - more luck than I usually have. I'd definitely like to grow more Hollyhocks and other cottage garden plants next year, more pinks and purples.

Hollyhock and Clematis

The slugs and snails have had the better of my vegetables in the garden, especially on the decking, which is obviously a slime critter hotel underneath. My veggies will stay at the allotment in future.

Next year we might even get a slide.....Little Bird will be two and a half!


And some of us will be as lazy as ever.


As much as I am really longing for the dark evenings and the start of hibernation, I am going to try and enjoy the sights and smells of summer just a little bit longer especially these Sweet Peas on my kitchen window.

Window display


76 sunflowers said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I am away for a few days and am missing mine and hope my sunflowers are still there! I really like the separate deck area too.
Lovely pics to make me smile x x

elaine said...

Looks like there is still plenty going on in your garden, mine is beginning to wind down - not much colour about - next year I plan to rectify this (she says hopefully).

Hannah said...

We're winding down now, too, and the slugs had the best of our veg also.

I have indeed noticed the autunmal air. Very exciting!

Catherine said...

Just calling by...finally...to say hello and thanks for stopping off at my blog! I have really enjoyed discovering your blog and will be dropping in often! Cx

L said...

I know what you mean about calendula taking over - I had to pull mine out as it was choking my tomatoes!
Thankyou for your comment on my blog, nice to 'meet' you! I love your blog, consider yourself followed!!


Pippin Lane said...

Pwetty flowers in the window.....hope the room is smelling of wafting sweet peas and roses!
nattie x

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