Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cold Showers

The weekend went suddenly cold for two reasons; firstly the weather turned grotty and as with all Bank Holidays was abysmal and secondly because our boiler broke. I felt chilly and fed up. I love my shower so a quick dash in a freezing cold torrent of water did not suffice. We tried to make the most of the weekend, keeping busy and warm.

Drying onions & garlic

It might have been warmer living in the allotment shed for the past few days. My onions and garlic are drying here. Sadly, at least fifty percent of the onions had white rot and were thrown in the bin. We have still had plenty though and I must use one a day in whatever I happen to be cooking since they are a base ingredient for so many savoury dishes.

London Poster

I spent Sunday afternoon rearranging several of my recent thrifty finds. The above is a piece of wrapping paper from Paper Chase framed. I am still trying to gradually decorate the middle room which functions as an eating, playing and work space. Each night by the time all the ordinary chores are finished, it's a case of doing an hour's painting related tasks. Hopefully this week the ceiling will be painted so I can emulsion the walls in their final shades off antique white and grey. The whole house is pretty much the same white.

Elephant bookends

The Beatrix Potter books here were mine as a child. I hope Little Bird loves them too. At the moment they are out of reach as he is going through a chewing stage. Lots of his board books have soggy munched corners. Tsk! 

The book ends were from a charity shop and remind me of Dumbo.


I like quirky bits and bobs. I'm not even sure what purpose this strawberry has but it cost 50p and made me smile! I have been looking for stained glass type ornaments for the window and luckily found this pig for pence in my favourite charity shop last week. The ladies are always so nice in Age Concern and make a fuss over Little Bird. It is next door to the library too so we always go there for a mooch, usually buying at least one thing.


Baubles are not just for Christmas! I have hung these by ribbon from the picture rail.

Union Jack baubles

We have so many beans. Runner beans especially are just dripping off the bean arch at the allotment. This week I am having a mammoth blanching and freezing session so we can save some for winter. 

I have sadly failed on the tomato front this year. In my greenhouse I don't think I have a single one. Big fail.

Runner Beans

{Update} I now have heating and hot water thanks to our lovely new gas engineer who came and wiggled a wire for it all to suddenly start up again. 


Tracy Glover said...

I am glad you have hot water again. It is truly horrid when the boiler goes kaput.
I love your framed wrapping and the bookends are so cute. x

Sian said...

Hurrah for getting your hot water back! We had the same thing a few weeks ago and it really wasn't pleasant. I love the wrapping paper too, I'm a huge Paperchase fan and have to stop myself from going in or else too much money is spent!

PhotoPuddle said...

That wrapping paper is so cool. It really doesn't look like wrapping paper and looks great in a frame.

@MeAndMyLottie said...

must've been a nightmare without any heating or hot water all weekend, so typical for the weather to take a turn for the worse.

Your house looks lovely, I love random little bits that brighten up a room and make me smile, I do think it makes a huge difference

Joy x

Fancy Vintage said...

Glad you have heating again,
love the framed collage so much!

Thedarkerside73 said...

Glad you got your boiler back. It has turned very chilly over the past week. Autumn is in the air.

You have done well with your veggies. Beetroot and courgettes seemed to be our biggest success in our first year of growing. But the carrots did well too. Onions failed big time though!

When I was younger I used to hate the thought of using whites or off whites in our home. But now I am a convert although its more of a grey/bluey whites that I have been slowley using! Its such a great canvass to use. Love your trinkets. A friend of my mine brought some baubles round with love hearts on and I have meant to put them up! But have forgotten until now! lol.


Emma@christmascupboard said...

I love the framed wrapping paper! Brilliant idea and looks ace! x

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