Friday, 28 June 2013

Love Bug

umbelliferae Country walks with our dogs.
Tara constantly checks that me and Little Bird are still walking behind. My senior wolf.
Dog walk Sniff, sniff, many stops.
Dandelion clock Little Bird with his backpack to carry his drink and snacks. Lost in his own thoughts. Memorized by the greenery or the birds or the buzzy creatures or the clouds.....
Little Bird on his walk
Many paths to choose. We don't let Billy off his lead for fear he'd get run off and get distracted. He's such a scamp.
By the River Blossoms and cow parsley. Different grasses. Should take my Hubbard book - not the easiest of identification books but I loved it when I used to do botanical surveys. 
Alder leaf beetles. Amorous little creatures.

Alder Leaf Beetles Agelasticaalni lifecycle
They like eating leaves as much as bug passion.
dog walk
Still checking. 
At the duck pond. Billy takes a peek. Tight leash. 
Duck pond
I used to live nearby to here. A new housing estate. Sometimes I wish we all could move back as it's quiet and children play out. Expensive houses though for the size. Little Bird would like it here so it's something to consider for the future.
Wish the sun would come back!
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greenthumb said...

What a lovely place for a walk, looks like little Bird is growing up. My dog Fraser won't wall to far ahead of me then just sit and waits and won't walk another step.

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