Monday, 2 April 2012

Moo Cows and Ice Cream

Ice Cream Farm Knutsford
Cow Shed
Calves at the Farm
Friesian Calf
Corrugated Roof
Holding the cow toy
Cow feeding time
Calf Shed Sign
Window Reflection
Knutsford Ice Cream Farm
Shop Open Sign
Pink Ice Cream Cafe
Cowshed Decor cafe
Ice Cream Flavours
Ice Cream Cones
Pink Damask
Ice Cream Tubs
Bunting in the farmyard
Barn Bricks
Hula Hoops and Bunting
Pink Tricycle
Play Barn
Ice Cream with Hundreds and Thousands
Wanting Ice Cream
:: Sunny days mean exploring local places, small trips for fun, food and learning
:: Perfect trips for a Little Bird who loves his farm animals - such cute calves
:: Moo cows and ice cream -the little one not so sure about the cold stuff yet
:: One tiramisu and a honeycomb with a hundreds and thousands dipped cornets - yum!
:: How great are those tyre horsey swings!?!
:: All pretty as a picture 


greenthumb said...

Looks like you had a fanatic day, loved all the photos.

Andrea @ little buckles said...

What fantastic photos! Great place for the kids evidently :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit. Ummmm, ice cream.

PhotoPuddle said...

Love all these pictures! And now I really fancy ice cream.

tea with lucy said...

this looks like such an amazing place! gorgeous shots.

rachel xo

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