Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Cheer

Vintage Easter Chick Egg
Easter Nest Treats
Waiting for the Easter Bunny
Easter Lantern
Yellow Easter Lantern
Easter Bunny
Easter boiled eggs
Easter Table
:: Easter was quiet - family visits, tidying the house and doing puzzles with Little Bird
:: I think I'll keep the Easter decorations up for another week for their cheeriness
:: Peter Rabbit plates and egg cups that were mine as a little girl
:: (50p charity shop) jam pot filled with garden flowers - hooray for cheap prettiness
:: Too much chocolate
:: Too much rainfall  :(
:: Potatoes planted at the allotment so the rainfall was good for them

Hope you all had a great Easter xx


greenthumb said...

Looks like you had a nice time, I like those little eggs in their nest.

Thedarkerside73 said...

What a lovely time you had. I just love your easter hangings they look really vintage and very pretty.

Thank you so much for your recommendation of picmonkey. It really is easy to use and seems to work more or less the same way a picnick. I was using a photoshop programme that we brought a few years ago, but I hate it and dosent seem to polish the pictures as well. I only use if to lighten up or warm picutures! Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Those mini easter nests look seriously tasty.

Rhianne said...

oh the M&S nests look tasty. I love your decorations too. the weather was pretty typical for a bank holiday though wasn't it...

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