Saturday, 31 March 2012

Outside Again

Spring Organisation
A slight lack of posting lately - again! We've been busy with the allotment and garden now that winter has kindly gone away. The sun has been shining and it has been wonderful to sit outside, plant seeds, tidy up the garden and design new planting plans.
Seed Packets
What fun to get last years leftover seeds out and alongside newly bought packets, ponder and list all the flowers and vegetables that we would like this year. I've planted a fair few already in pots, modules, trays and some straight in the ground. I'm growing more flowers this year and clearing away some composting space at the plot to grow cut flowers instead. Having flowers available to plonk in vases and jars around the house will be a real treat. Rarely do I buy flowers aside from the odd cheap bunch of daffs or other bargain seasonal flowers. The bouquets I like exceed my budget and making up your own is much more fun plus gives me a chance to get my old floristry gear out and play at being a florist.
Seed planning over a cup of tea
Weeping Willow flowers (Salix)
Every day new plants popping leafy shoots above the soil and early pretty spring flowers in the garden. Inspiring trips to garden centres are on the agenda now as I have a few new spots in the garden to fill. 
Rhubarb Plant
Pink Rose 'Mum in a Million'
Blossom Tree
I am shopping for climbing or rambling roses over the next month. I have a yellow one in mind called Goldfinch that is thornless that I'd like to cover some fencing that was patched up after a storm last year.

Daffodil Close Up
Green Clover

There has been plenty of time to potter around as Little Bird has been poorly with a virus. After a fair few nights of fever equaling a stressed mother nursing a screaming tot I have little energy for nothing more than sowing a few seeds and trotting around the garden watering new plants.
As the small greenhouses fill, I find myself peeking in every few hours - the Cosmos have germinated and have their true leaves are showing - 29p pack of seeds producing many, many buzzy bee attracting plants. Some are waiting for around mid April for sowing, namely all the lovely pumpkins and squashes. Nothing from the Cauliflowers or Garlic Chives yet and I remember last year having little success either. Funny how some plants are just such pains to grow.
Nest Illustration
Basil Pot

Chives, parsley and thyme are edging beds and being rejuvenated in forgotten hanging baskets. Basil has been sitting on the windowsill for a couple of months now - I am not watering as regularly after losing so many in the past through over watering - so far so good. It is great after the winter to be able to pop out into the garden and snip a few herbs for cooking with.  
Pink Blossom
My Little Bird is also trying his hardest with his speech and the non stop jargoning continues. The latest is rhyming ' day - hay - way.....' It is very exciting to hear his voice even if at this stage there is no given meaning which I can fathom out. Being able to play outside certainly helps too and makes for a happier little boy.


...C o w R o a d... said...

Yay, she's back! :-) Sorry to hear about your little Bird, but it sounds like he is on the mend again.
No gardening here yet, the rain just won't stop! :-(
Love that plant with yellow spiky blooms (4th photo down).

Unknown said...

Love this post I am so ridiculously excited to get my own garden soon, the local garden centre will be sick of the sight of me! I saw your allotment plan it's amazing I would love to do something like this when I get planning for my new space x

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